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STRANGER THAN FICTION: Report of Recent Events Involving the U.S., CANADA & Possibly CHINA... *LINK*

A 2nd Fighter Jet Shot Down This Week By CHINESE Energy Weapon -- an American F-22 over ALASKA & a Canadian CF-18 from CFB Cold Lake ALBERTA...???

I could blame it on UFOs while rolling my eyeballs around, but it wasn't Aliens from outer space who were sold all that U.S. Government Debt...which will never be repaid...

REPORT:  The day before an American F-22 loaded with a B83 Nuclear Weapon was brought down over Alaska. U.S. & Canadian Surface Vessels have been using live munitions hunting several Chinese submarines off the west coast of North America. The new cold war has begun. Last week China launched an ICBM from within U.S. waters off the California coast. The U.S. has been using their own bag of super-secret technological tricks over China recently in the game of covert warfare. It was no accident the story of Chinese cyber-sabotage surfaced yesterday...this new Cold War is now in full swing.

Do not underestimate how dangerous of a time this is. Get your money out of the banks into gold or silver. Get stocked up on everything. Get out of the West Coast Cities. 300,000 Chinese PLA immigrant/tourist are in Canada awaiting orders to strike at essential infrastructure in the U.S. & Canada. China disabled 50 U.S. ICBMs 2 weeks ago using some amazing quantum technology. China has the upper hand...and Russia has been too quiet of late...



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STRANGER THAN FICTION: Report of Recent Events Involving the U.S., CANADA & Possibly CHINA... *LINK*
Re: STRANGER THAN FICTION: Report of Recent Events Involving the U.S., CANADA & Possibly CHINA...
I guess if there were any attacks by China, they would hit the West Coast. That would be my guess. *NM*
David Wilcock's info from his blog ..about the chinese plan
thanks for sharing your paid source, interesting you mention the Art of War by Sun Tzu, trying to refind a summary I read once *NM*
Excellent Analysis IMO! btw Your OWN conceptions, results and conclusions of internet source sifting, are much better than special 'brew propaganda IMHO ya ya :D
Rightful question, why does 'scarletwhore' fearmonger to drive people out of the West Coast cities, and it's not the first appeal, others cried before, but why?
scarletwhore.com - what a 'whorrible' site, blaming China & Russia to lead global terrorism. Accuracy & truth not their job, scarletwhore lists Central America as 'country', how whorribly ignorant!
it was Len H. not David H. *NM*
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