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TSA to Traveler: "Next Time, Leave Your Insulin Pump at Home?" *LINK*

TSA to Traveler: Next Time, Leave Your Insulin Pump at Home?

Woman complains about TSA screening at local airport.
Wednesday, November 17, 2010

As we hear from more outraged air travelers about the humiliating procedures they're being forced to endure to pass through airport security checkpoints, comes this doozy out of Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood International Airport.

A woman called the South Florida's First News Show on radio station 610am WIOD, this morning (Wed. 11-17-10), horrified about what her daughter had been put through.

The call was with the woman, named Jackie, speaking with 610am WIOD host Jimmy Cefalo & Manny Munoz.

"She is an insuline depended diabetic who has an isuline pump. She travels regularly in the airport. Today, about 25 minutes ago, she was..the alarm went off she told them she had an insuline pump, they physically groped her, went down her pants, her thighs, and advised her not to wear the insuline pump any more going through security. They advised her to take it off in the future if she didn't want to be groped. She was so upset she called me after she got through security hysterically crying"

Fort Lauderdale Airport officials say no formal complaint was filed so they are unaware if the alleged incident ever took place.

This is just the beginning. We will more than likely hear more of these cases, as these ass holes that think they are God, take the next step.



HHHMMMM Odd just now these pages above have been removed. So what's up with that eh?

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TSA to Traveler: "Next Time, Leave Your Insulin Pump at Home?" *LINK*
TSA: Travelers Who Refuse Scanning Can’t Leave, Will Be Fined *LINK* *PIC*
Pretty soon there will be disgruntled travellers waiting outside in some dark alley for these TSA employees after they get off their shift. (Don't look at me ~ I don't travel but in my dreams!) *NM*
Life is too delicate!
corrected links that were not working yesterday ....
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