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C.I.A.: Cocaine Import Agency *LINK*

C.I.A.: Cocaine Import Agency


by Raul Crespo

42373.jpegThe increase of drugs in the U.S. and the EU, and the global drug trade, go hand in hand with imperial military expansion around the world. The "fight against drugs is a farce ... "

The Mercury News of San Jose, California, revealed that CIA agents sold hundreds of tons of cocaine in the U.S. during the years of the conflict in Nicaragua, in order to obtain funds for the Contras (US-created paramilitaries to prevent the Sandinista revolution). The report explains that Contra leaders met with a CIA agent to plan the operation. The drugs were transported in military aircraft to airports in Texas.

The drugs were first distributed in the black ghettos of Los Angeles, California, from there it spread throughout the country. In the early 80's, crack and cocaine ravaged neighborhoods in the U.S., destroying the brains and the will to fight and protest. The CIA then was called the cocaine import agency.   The chemical precursors are indispensable ingredients for the manufacture of cocaine, and not produced in Colombia, but without an embrago there is no plan "Germany" or "Swiss plan" by bombing the multinationals that manufacture the chemicals ... Why is that?

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