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Bloody Revolution or not? *PIC*

A Friend's Email:

I get so friggn mad at this crap, as I was detained, strip searched and had to poop in a see-thru toilet sitting on a podium in an empty room while hand cuffed in a (location omitted) airport. I was coming back from Columbia and they said I had swallowed a bag of drugs and badgered and badgered me and wanted me to admit it!! ..... Admit what?!  Yeah right. Damn Fools! No one apologized to me afterwards and no one would listen to my complaint - only told me that they had the right to detain me for up to 48 hours. I had nightmares for months after that and I have never traveled since! Please I hope people just stop traveling altogether! Seriously, if these morons want to be so obvious and in our face. it is time for us to just sit quietly and entertain ourselves at home.

My reply:

I am a lover not a fighter. However, as I see it..........

The REAL Problem was, too many people wanted to IGNORE the facts (the bad news), maybe thought they were too spiritual for it and had to turn the other cheek, or that it was just too much for them to worry about (and let others process the info instead), while some even thought there was a secret (sadly "The Secret" that they used to DELUDE themselves AND others) to being happy and prosperous while others suffer. 

Even Christ didn't turn the other cheek throughout his entire lifetime.  

Is it now too late for the rest of humanity to get with the program and start being of the human kind, the kind to rally around justice and service to others fighting injustice where it occurs or not?  That is my question.  As the pendulum always swings, I am betting that eventually the tide will turn... albeit slowly now.... as the people are demoralized and shocked into submission..... and just waited too long.  The power didn't wait....they planned and proceeded while the rest were in denial or ignorance.

--- It amazes me still how people are so unwilling to stand and fight these fuckers. ---

I think blood will need to be spilled and that the those murderous politicians, the banking fraudsters and certainly many of the main bloodlined families will need to hang before this gets better. We may be in the new age, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't do what has WORKED in the past - have a good old fashion BLOODY REVOLUTION!

So keep some rope handy.... we certainly wouldn't want to run out.

Do you think if you fill up a tree, it might bring it back to life?

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Bloody Revolution or not? *PIC*
You KNOW my opinion on this matter *PIC*
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