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George Ure: Coping: Has America Been WHIPPED? *LINK* *PIC*

Coping:  Has America Been Whipped?

A number of readers are wandering over to the conclusion that the 'tipping point' last weekend, which continues to build up steam, is going to end up being (from the historical perspective) a period when things just 'piled up' on us:

'I'm thinking that something has happened and we have not seen it yet.' I agree with these words from a person whose comments you shared.


Look, the scanners are in place, the cameras on the street are in place, the chips are ready for implantation, unemployment extension is killed, the price of groceries has doubled. Even the charitable thrift stores are being caught up in inflation - greedy no-overhead bastards. Bird flu, MRSA, dengue are on alert. Even the plague and anthrax is oh-so-handy waiting in our own animal population here in the states.


No, it's not a single event. It's the whole thing enclosing us, entrapping us in it's unbreakable, multi-filament web. Each filament alone doesn't seems too scary, not until they're all thrown around you and, once in place, each filament is pumped up and pulled tight. The release, the gradual release language is all about the dawning. disbelieving, holy-shit realization of our situation in the web and who the Webmaster really is. It isn't Obama or the Federal Reserve.


'My fellow Americans, terrible times are upon us and we all need to work together. We've been hit hard but we will survive and flourish again! Yes, the physcial and financial devastation is sweeping us right now but we've come out of difficult times before. In order to accomplish this and insure that limited resources are shared among the American populace, to protect our valuable resources from those undeserving, and because simple ID cards can be and are forged, it is esstential that each true American received this implant. (roar of disapproval) That way we can assure the medcine gets to YOU, the food and water gets to YOU, the patriotic, tax paying people of our great country. Yada yada yada.'


Some people will rush to comply. Some people will know that they are surrendering everything to comply but will do it anyway to survive, particularly if they have young children. They will despise their saviors but worse, they will despise themselves for not seeing it coming, or seeing it in bits and pieces but life imposes, you know. And defeatedness will reign. I don't know if anyone can have enough food, water or medicine stored to wait it out.

Don't think anyone can.  All you can really do is strive to stay out of the cross-fire of competing interests and make yourself as system-independent as possible.


Friday at the WuJo

Flu 4 U?

Interesting email:

hey george, I was perusing your column this morning, and I noted the report on the recent hong kong case of avian influenza. It really gave me shivers, as all during the fake H1N1 scare last year, I kept getting really strong vibes that it was the "warm up" event. I sort of wondered to myself if that single case might have been the tipping point. I was watching the new series "fringe" tonight, which takes place in "our "universe and a parallel one, that is almost but not quite identical. One of the characters casually mentioned the "avian influenza plague", and I just about fell over. I started thinking about the idea that the PTB broadcast their intentions via main stream media, in advance of their agenda. I did quite a lot of research into [name withheld because of our small legal budget - g]  pharmaceuticals during the H1N1 "pandemic". These guys are REALLY bad news, they have killed thousands of people over the years, first with a tainted blood product they sold, and more recently with badly manufactured Chinese heparin products. There has been some pretty widespread speculation that they released a canister of something or other on a swiss train a couple of years back, and that they were the one's responsible for the "extra" virulent form of H1N1 that killed many in eastern europe last year. It was very poorly covered by main stream media, but "Ukraine and world pneumonic plague information" blog spot covered the events in great detail. I just wanted to put the idea that H5N1( bird flu) may be getting tweaked in one of [name withheld because of our small legal budget - g] labs as we speak so they can "launch" it this winter. I know, I sound like I need my tinfoil hat removed, but think about the fact that [name withheld because of our small legal budget - g] has been busy making bird flu vaccine for several years now, they have acted with callous disregard in a number of instances, AND there has been a serious amount of circumstantial evidence that they have been involved in bioterrorism in the recent past. They were even accused of as much in court this last winter, in connection with the H1N1 fiasco. I just wanted to put this on your radar so you could either check it out, or connect the dots as they pop up in the near future. All it would take is One mild genetic tweak ( making bird flu transmissible through the air, rather than only via direct contact with blood or bodily fluids of dead birds). It's really too awful to contemplate, but the evidence really indicates that's what they may be up to. Two australian virologists came to the conclusion that the assortment of three or more flu varieties that were present in the "novel H1N1" from last winter, were most likely concocted in a lab. Enough wu, have a great holiday..."

Not to jump into agreement but one thing comes to mind about [name withheld because oof our small legal budget - g]:  Like most corporations, they likely would not be spending millions of dollars making a 'bird flu' vaccine unless they figured it would be a money-maker for them.


Wednesday, it was one case.  On Thursday it was two eartlier cases coming out.  Now the WHO says today of that one case on :

"The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health (DH), Hong Kong, China, has reported a new confirmed human case of H5N1 infection on 17 Nov 2010. The case is a 59-year-old female. She had onset of symptoms on 2 November and was admitted to hospital on 14 November. She was diagnosed to have pneumonia and is now in a critical condition.

The case had a history of travel to Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou. She reported no history of contact with live bird and poultry in the days before showing symptoms. Her close contacts are under surveillance and are isolated. All remain asymptomatic to date. Nasopharyngeal aspirates of all close contacts were negative for H5. Investigations into the source of her infection are ongoing. Evidence so far indicates a sporadic case of human influenza A(H5N1) infection without secondary spread.

So far, a total of 21 human cases of influenza A (H5N1) infection were recorded in Hong Kong SAR China, including 18 cases in 1997, two cases in 2003 and the current case in 2010.

The big question to be asking is:  If this victim didn't have any history of contact with a live bird or poultry, how'd she get the symptoms?  think they spontaneously arose?


Cope, Grope & Hope, Dept.

And there's this reader comment on the TSA 'security' checks:

"Hi George,

I think you should remind your readers how the airlines had a hand in creating TSA by being silent.

Do you remember in the 90's a book titled How to Fly for Free?

It and a few other authors (back when people bought physical books) showed various ways to get on a plane for free, whether legit or sneaking on. Also, tickets were TRANSFERABLE. Imagine that, you buy a ticket and can SELL it to someone else! Now, tickets are non-transferable. People who have a change in plans have to eat the price of the ticket (yes the prospect of a future ticket is possible but most discount tickets are non refundable and exchanges get a $25-$150 surcharge). I'm not sure how much a percentage of fliers this category is, but in the gift certificate business, it is known that a company can expect an average of a 50% payout on gift certificates sold. Wow. Someone pays you for a future good or service, and then it never gets redeemed! What a cash cow. And this is exactly how the airlines have "boasted" their sales. (Side note: I think everyone should offer gift certificates- including you George.)

So how did airlines participate in creating and advocating for DHS's "TSA"? Partly by being silent. If you remember prior to 9/11, security was a joke. No airline wanted to enforce security measures like checking DLs or screening passengers for fear that the customer would just go to another airline. Then we had to ridiculous qualifying questions like Did you pack your bags? Did someone hand you something? Then in 2002, with TSA as the heavy, the airlines did not have to be the bad guy and could say "we're just following orders." The airlines COULD have been passenger and privacy advocates which would have slowed or inhibited TSA's invasive procedures but REFUSED. And then we had the terrific slogan chastising anyone brining up the constitution "You're either with us or against us" . To me the airlines are the problem too. As the maxim of law goes, "he who does not repel a wrong when he can, induces it"

On another note, what happens if people collectively stop flying and the airlines run to the gubbermint for a handout? Will the taxpayer be subsidizing the airline industry now too?"

Ask me on November 26th, or so after we see how "Opt Out Day" or  goes. Idea seems to be picking up steam around the net, but who's gonna miss Turkey Day Travel when it comes down to it?



Send your comments to  george@ure.net  

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