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Hello All,

Tonight is the night that I will be on Coast To Coast AM on 500 radio stations live, world wide. The audience is between 5 and 20 million people.

The show starts at 2 AM and goes until 5 AM Eastern Time Friday morning November 19th. I will be speaking from Maine, and the show originates on the west coast where it will be 11 pm Pacific Time Thursday November 18th. The subject will be the future, ETs, Planet X pole shift. I will be mentioning ZetaTalk.com, shortwave radios, telepathy, materializing your thoughts, psychic knowing, the purpose of life and the choice of spiritual orientation of service to others or service to self as we go to a higher dimension of consciousness on Earth.

It will be one of the most exciting interviews and I hope to blow your socks off so far you never find them again!

If you go through the list of stations that carry it, you may find some that stream the interview over the web. But in North America, there are very few places if any where there is not a radio station carrying it that you can listen to. You can subscribe to download a podcast of every show for a year for about 15 cents a day. Only subscribers can listen to the shows and the archived shows going back 3 years that are listed on the website. This show is on 7 days a week with new guests each night. It is the largest late night show in the world.

In Maine, where I live in the mid-coast area, the show will be carried on 103.9 FM out of Bangor.

This collection of images is for C2C to post on their website during the show. I have no idea which they will post, but here is the complete set.

The C2C website and the list of stations carrying the broadcast is at:     http://www.coasttocoastam.com/


-------- Original Message --------

Hi Lex,

Here is a collection of images. You may use them all or any of them. You, who do not have experience looking at them,
may choose for yourself based upon which are the most convincing to you.

Planet X aka Niburu, aka The Winged Globe, aka The Planet Of Crossing, aka The Dragon Ball and The Dragon Tail,
aka The Destroyer Comet, aka the coiled serpent, is represented in 18,000 year old glyphs as the Winged Globe, and in
3,657 year old glyphs also as a cross.

I say, if NASA satellites taking photos of the Sun regularly record PX on the images for the last 7 years, and they match
the ancient glyphs for the return of the gods, pole shift, and PX itself, as it means all three simultaneously, shouldn't
someone at NASA being discussing this?

Planet X is 4 times the size of Earth and trails twin rippling serpentine rope like strands of hundreds of moons, many the
size of our Moon, and trillions and trillions of rocks, clouds of iron ore dust, and clouds of greasy hydrocarbons all of
which look like wings of a bird wheeling in the sky, or a cross, or a spiral.

People all over the world are capturing still and video images of Planet X to the left of the Sun at sunrise and to the right
of the Sun at sunset. As the Sun illuminates the clouds of dust and moons, it changes day to day how it appears. But you
combine these images, many of which are on YouTube, and the NASA photos, and shouldn't this be headlines? But it is
not. People are seeing things that no one has seen before in their lifetime, and still no comments, just excuses.

I can only conclude that NASA and the government do not want you to know what it means.

As Planet X gets further from the Sun and closer to Earth, and becomes visible to the entire world to the naked eye, and
everyone says 'Oh my god, what is that?' and word spreads of what it means, it will be 7.3 weeks until pole shift.

Thank you for the opportunity to be on Coast To Coast. I very much appreciate it.



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very comprehensive and detailed but I've still problems with Planet X's speed of travel and the intense light as bright as our sun
Re: very comprehensive and detailed but I've still problems with Planet X's speed of travel and the intense light as bright as our sun *PIC*
thanks for your answer and for taking my questions seriously
Yeah & I think our sun's gonna go Nova after Planet X & the Pole Shift or at least black out a little...I got lost somewhere between Nibiru & the Space Balls... :D *PICS* *PIC*
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