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CANADA To Become Next OPEC *PIC*

The first article is almost 3 years old now and think of all the things that have happened during the past 3 years -- Obama, Israel-Gaza Conflict, Afghanistan, the BP Oil Rig Explosion down in the Gulf of Mexico, more problems on U.S.-Mexican Border to name a few.  I'm thinking the North American Union is a Done Deal and TPTB just haven't bothered to announce it yet.  Looks like they have Big Plans for Canada...


Canada To Become Next OPEC
Pipeline Into U.S. Gets Regulatory Approval


Energy Boom: Why Canada Will Be a Global Leader



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CANADA To Become Next OPEC *PIC*
Wonderful! So the Pentagoners and Blackwaters can withdraw from Middle-East and leave the gas & oil business to ... Israel? Iran? India? China? Finally: Roosevelt's Splendid Isolation comes true. :D *NM*
ISOLATION sounds Great -- IF we could get the Fangs of Europe out of our neck & a Strategic Earthquake in Israel COULD disrupt the Best Laid Plans...of Mice... :D
Geee! Who is WE? The praised multi-culti melting pot? The boiling kettle of divergent interests? The misused cattle herd, held together mostly by fear, by violence & daily sips of delusions, GO SOMA? *NM*
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