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What a Bunch of BALONEY! *PIC*

"Scientists"?   In what, kindergarten?   We live in a CONTROLLED MATRIX.  Take the (    ) Pill and wake up!

Everyone who knows anything at all KNOWS there are manned bases on Mars, Moon(s) and all the other planets, from the SECOND, PRIVATE and INVISIBLE space program for which NASA is but a cover and a load of HOOEY.  Not to mention the numerous "aliens" that come and go from HERE willy nilly.  It's NASA that DEcolorizes the pictures in the FIRST PLACE, to continue throwing the entire planet off base, in thinking it is inhabitable and RED.   It ain't, folks...  been there, done that!

But don't take MY word for it... do your own research and think for your Self.  Even then, it's almost impossible to arrive even close to the truth, but at least, like throwing darts, you eventually DO hit the wall!


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Scientists offer faster way to get to Mars ... (for the old folks that is! and we will just leave them there!) *LINK*
What a Bunch of BALONEY! *PIC*
PS: nothing personal - LOVE your posts, Drummy!!! *PIC*
Agreed! NASA = NAy SAy. And they need money, much money, much more money to do more RE-Search with medicore titchy results! Appear to be con-CERNed. *NM*
will say 'mediocre' of course *NM*
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