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TSA -- Total Sexual Assault -- One Woman's Detailed Account... *LINK*

I wonder if these 'pat-downs' are given to Foreign Nationals coming into or departing from the U.S. on International Flights or if this is done ONLY to American Citizens on ALL Flights?  This could also Discourage people from coming to the U.S. for ANY reason, even Legitimate Business -- and if so -- for what purpose?  Also it seems obvious from other reports that these Homeland Security people have already been told that they will be immune from any kind of prosecution on assault charges brought by irate Citizens...Something Really Strange about this whole thing...Sounds like they're getting ready for the Big Lockdown or some Big Event?  There seems to be several things they want to accomplish...the Body Scanners are bad enough, but the 'pat-downs'?

Detailed Account of One Woman's Assault (and there's no other way to Describe it)...

TSA – Sexual Assault


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