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Well of course, but it's only because he's a Jew-Hater...

Not much of a defense of the Pope or the Vatican if the only way you can find to make your argument is with yet another put-down of the Jews.  Surely you don't believe the Jews or the Israelis are the ONLY people in the World who have Negative feelings towards the Pope and his Vatican...'Diplomatic Immunity' protects him and his religious organization from 'Hate Crimes' or ANY Act of Criminality for that matter...whether it's molesting little boys, using other nations to fight his proxy Crusades or playing God in Everyone's life.  He OUT-CHUTZPAHS the JEWS!  But no one can say it Better than a Roman Catholic Priest -- who DOES interpret the Bible Quite Literally and says Popes CAN & DO go to HELL...Read below what one Priest and other Roman Catholic Priests think about THIS Pope, John Paul II and other Popes...

Does God HAT

by Father David C. Trosch


If you believe in the teachings of Sacred Scripture as being truth, then continue reading.  If you do not accept the Bible as authoritative, then do not bother reading further as you are without faith.  No one has the authority to diminish or reverse God's Holy Word!

In our present age there is a tremendous focus on the statement, "God is love."  There are only two passages that make this statement in the whole of Sacred Scripture.  Both of these passages are found in close proximity in the same book of the Bible. God is Love, means that God is the source of love and is loving, but disobedience brings hate and wrath.  NOTE: Mankind does not need to be told many times what it wants to believe anyway.  What needs to be strongly reinforced is what men do not want to believe...

While it is certain that God does love, this is the reason Jesus died on the cross, it is equally certain that God not only loves, but that He also Hates...

Questions to ask oneself

  1. Does God set good example or bad example?
  2. When instructing us does God always tell the truth?
  3. Did God make up stories that were not focused upon reality?
  4. Is not the intent of the Word of God to give lessons in faith and morals?
  5. Why would God teach about salvation if there are no consequences for sin?
  6. Does God expect us to follow His example?
  7. Can God love evil or those who willingly become evil and do not repent?

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Does God HATE?


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Pope Benedict XVI: Bible Cannot Be Taken Literally -- Roman Catholic Church is the Only True Church *PIC*
if you don't mind, I'm partly with the Big Poopa on this one
Well of course, but it's only because he's a Jew-Hater...
According to your sources and the courses of history Popa Benny MUST BE a chosen muslim-christian hater sorts of incense alley gator.
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