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if you don't mind, I'm partly with the Big Poopa on this one

Did you ever hear that critizising the Pope is inborn 'Anti-Catholicism' and a 'hate crime'?

Does the Catholic Church threaten its opponents with a 'Catholic Anti-Defamation League'?

Does the Pope propagate in public that non-catholics were inhumans and animals whose only purpose for life is to serve the Catholics?

Does the Catholic Church issue death sentences to its opponents?

In remembrance of the thousands of chased and killed early Christians,
does the Catholic Church install holokill museums and force all children no matter which religion they have to visit these multimedia holohorror disneylands?

Does the Catholic Church proclaim that only those can be true catholics who are born by a catholic mother?

Giving a closer look, compared by claims and methods,
the Catholic Church seems to be no more
than a softened 'dilettanti copy'
of the hardcore original
tribes cahal.


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Pope Benedict XVI: Bible Cannot Be Taken Literally -- Roman Catholic Church is the Only True Church *PIC*
if you don't mind, I'm partly with the Big Poopa on this one
Well of course, but it's only because he's a Jew-Hater...
According to your sources and the courses of history Popa Benny MUST BE a chosen muslim-christian hater sorts of incense alley gator.
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