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Pope Benedict XVI: Bible Cannot Be Taken Literally -- Roman Catholic Church is the Only True Church *PIC*

Pontifex Maximus in his latest dictum from the rectum, Verbum Domini (“The Word of the Lord”), issued on November 11... 

 Pope Benedict: Bible Cannot Be Taken Literally

In his latest treatise, Pope Benedict XVI reverts to medieval teaching...


In direct relation to the study of the Bible, Pope Benedict has “criticized ‘fundamentalist’ or ‘literalist’ interpretations and urged renewed appreciation for the symbolic and spiritual interpretation techniques used by the ancient fathers of the church” (ibid., emphasis mine).

In a most outlandish pontification, Benedict declared, “An authentic interpretation of the Bible must always be in harmony with the faith of the Catholic Church.”

This latest declaration by the pope tracks right back to his double endorsement of the claim that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church.

At the time that the pope made that startling claim, Fox News, among other sources, reported, “For the second time in a week, Pope Benedict xvi has corrected what he says are erroneous interpretations of the Second Vatican Council, reasserting the primacy of the Roman Catholic Church and saying other Christian communities were either defective or not true churches” (July 10, 2007).

Thus, having declared all Christian denominations other than Roman Catholicism illegitimate, having endorsed recently a Vatican statement that the Jews have no valid scriptural claim to the Promised Land, the pope now has reasserted the medieval stance that only the interpretation of Scripture by the Roman Catholic Church has authenticity...




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Pope Benedict XVI: Bible Cannot Be Taken Literally -- Roman Catholic Church is the Only True Church *PIC*
if you don't mind, I'm partly with the Big Poopa on this one
Well of course, but it's only because he's a Jew-Hater...
According to your sources and the courses of history Popa Benny MUST BE a chosen muslim-christian hater sorts of incense alley gator.
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