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11/6 CLIF HIGH: HANMI...and the logical frank. *LINK* *PIC*


HANMI...and the logical frank.

with respect, let us begin...

in our mat work, either at the dojo or the wujo (place where the path to enlightenment using woo-woo is practiced), we must begin with respect. We will come back to this. Always. Respect for ourselves. For universe. And for our opponents...our partners in contention.

Today is Monday, November 15th, 2010.

It rains outside the woo-jo. Some rains are more natural than others.

Manifesting circumstance today revealed the [logical frank] to (now) over 60% of the forecast linguistics. The individual placed before us by universe is Eric Cantona, a very logical frenchman indeed. With his appearance we have significant levels of fulfillment for the March 2010 forecast for the duo of the [wild colleen] and [logical frank] temporal markers. Hmm...two personalities previously postulated present themselves promptly as presciently perceived. My, what could it mean?

Weeeeeelllll... it might, just might, mean that the planetary populace popular revolution is unfolding just as universe and linguistics have indicated these past years. Or not... wait and see. But be sure to visit the link above (leads to a Youtube video) and have a listen to Mssr. Cantona present his position precisely. And, unlike some amongst us, briefly. Also english subtitles.

These two personalities forecast so many months back as temporal markers will be able to be seen as a shining iridium band separating strata of history in the sands of time. But of course, not now. Today's perception is clouded by emotional turmoil caused in large part by in built brain functions with our 'R-complex' (or, as we humans acknowledge...the 'reptilian' part). Our response to pending pressures and mental turmoil is 'instinctive' retreat to the 'R-complex' where 'fight or flight' is easily man-i-pulated by the 'e-lites' (please note sarcasm here) to suit their purposes.

But it need not be that way. The aikidoka trains the body in order to train the mind. In training the mind to experience harmony with universe in contention (conflict/battle), the aikidoka trains it to *stay out of the R(eptilian) -complex*...in other words, the aikidoka trains the mind to 'remain human' in spite of the pressures of confrontation. And thus is revealed why aikido is a 'way' and not merely a collection of killing techniques.

And it is in the 'way', the 'do' that the aspirant finds enlightenment. The side benefit provided by universe is that along that 'way', one gets to meet their (universal) brothers and sisters, whom also act as manifesting circumstance in demonstrating universe commitment to life and the arts of peace.

Today i met my new brother, Eric Cantona.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Uop5R7E314

Welcome Eric, to our common planetary mat. Your aiki arts aptly express proper position prior to engagement. Your 'hanmi' (frequently translated as 'proper distance' yet meaning actually 'foot') is very strong.

And Eric is precisely correct. What does it mean to demonstrate in these days? Nothing. Demonstrations in the streets are for the deluded. They lead to unnecessary violence, and place energies out in universe that accomplish nothing except to further the aims of the oppressors.

Humans need to remain centered in the now, as humans, and to take effective action from a human perspective. We engage and remove the oppressive system not by trying to bludgeon it down, but by deflating it. Simple human actions can cripple collective systems easily.

Remove money, et viola! Poof. Gone are the banks, and the banksters who ran them. And the politicians they bribed...and the bullies they paid...eh?

Have a politician acting out in-human agenda? Merely line the corridors where the politician must pass, and then, with no violence, but with big KI, everyone stare and clap in unison...as simple as that. Politician's little R(eptilian) complex brain goes into short circuit over the social censure since these creatures suck emotional energies to live. Deprive them of that...and poof...no more bad behavior...until they are caught again....as we humans recognize that the scum will always attempt to rise and cover the pond. And politicians by their nature will always be easily led astray by TPTB (the powers that be [or were?]).

Such is harmony with the way things actually work in manifesting universe translated as effective, human revolution. Note the human part.

Bravo Eric Cantona. Merci mon frer.

i am a good baker. Someday perhaps we can share strong coffee, bread, and pie....and tell stories about the great adventure we now live.



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