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America No Longer at a Turning Point, But at a Boiling Point...

Why Last week Will Go Down in History as America No Longer Is at Turning Point But a Burning Point


November 14, 2010
Steve Quayle

Hide in plain sight is the name of the game. Everyone is looking for the big event, but not seeing the little steps that have led to the destruction of our currency, freedoms and future. The Chinese sub incident has basically shown that the balance of power and technology has shifted from the West – The United States – to the East primarily China and to a lesser extent Russia. To the globalists within our One World Government crowd, including the "Captain of the Titanic", America must be absorbed through violent revolution with the roundups and destruction, of the resisters to the New World Order.

The rape pillage and plunder of everything and everyone is "a fait accompli", meaning an irreversible action which is completed before those affected by it, are in a position to reverse it! Consider the physical strip searches by the TSA and the following "perverse molestation" of little children which would bring a child molestation charge if it were done by any body other then the "officials". Any man, father, brother or guardian, worth his salt, would STOP at all cost a person doing this to a child.

Ask anyone who has ever counseled those traumatized in youth by sexual molestation how even minor groping can traumatize some children for life! The financial moral depravity and theft of America's capital base are another in your face successful plundering and destruction of the middle class as the manufacturing base and technological lead, once enjoyed by the U.S., has now shifted to China and India.

The law of the jungle is being substituted in the place of common law and constitutional law, is superseded daily by those implementing our NATIONAL DESTRUCTION. When you listen to the lying shills on "lame stream TV" and the constant drone of the "Wall Street gang bangers", it becomes incredibly transparent who is being enriched and who is being impoverished by the IN YOUR FACE LYING MIND CONTROL MEDIA...



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