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Sabbateans Evil & Rotten to the Core, but if THEY are the 'HIDDEN HAND', then WHY are they SO VISIBLE & Always On Display?... *LINK*

...Inviting the Whole World to REVILE & HATE them???  It obviously took a whole lot of Money for the Rothschilds & other Sabbateans to agree to place themselves in THAT position, but Money was and is their God and it's not a stretch to believe they were made an offer they couldn't Refuse...

So are ALL Jews Sabbateans?  I think not.  Are ALL Israelis Sabbateans?  I think not.

BTW, in those Videos you posted -- WHY the Demonic & Evil "music" playing in the background -- Grinding the message into peoples' brains?  When the Truth is being spoken that sort of "enhancement" really isn't necessary...



Reply to the Smears & Lies about...

My wife is the President and I am Vice President of my little company, Lowvehm, Inc. The name stands for "Light, Oxygen, Water, Vibration, Electricity, Hydrogen and Magnetism." These are the basic tools and foundation for the high sciences upon which all technology will be based in the 21st century. I am always looking for new products that are based upon these basics.

In addition to these, my wife is a GIA-trained gemologist and wholesaler to jewelry stores. Her connection to a diamond wholesaler was made by me on my last trip to Israel about four years ago when visiting a friend. Thus, I do business with an Israeli businessman -- a Jew -- in Israel. The Jew-bashers attack me for this but they do not attack me for doing business with a Shiite in Iran (acquiring rugs) or a Buddhist in Japan (acquiring pearls). No matter how hard I attack the pope's Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists ruling Israel for the Black Pope, somehow, some way, I am an agent for the Mossad or CIA. I am waiting for the day when these liars and hypocrites attack me for being an Islamic terrorist or a pro-Chinese Communist.

I trust you see the nonsense of my opponents' charges.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric

"Pope's Zionist Sabbateans" by Barry Chamish

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Rabbi Dr. M. Antelmann: "The Satanic Hidden Hand That Shaped History" 2 parts
Sabbateans Evil & Rotten to the Core, but if THEY are the 'HIDDEN HAND', then WHY are they SO VISIBLE & Always On Display?... *LINK*
Best trick ever: HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT. - Another round of shadow boxing? More of the same bugaboo built-ups?
Better than Hiding Behind a Bent Cross & Using the U.S. as a Proxy to Fight Its Wars. *NM*
the Pope should therefore drive BENT-LEY instead of Mercedes Benz
He had a better idea... *NM* *PIC*
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