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Well, you can look at it with a jaundiced eye, but be careful or they'll pluck your head right off your shoulders... :O *PIC*

Dr. Judith Reisman was the first person I listened to who caused me to realize that Pedophilia in America is on the fast track to becoming institutionalized as something honorable and beneficial.  It's already widely practiced, though still discreetly, because of the passive acceptance resulting from constant whining, haranguing and browbeating by certain insolent and arrogant segments of our society who will not be satisfied until the America we once knew has been completely overturned and what's left of its Christian base totally destroyed.  They rode in on the coattails of the Civil Rights movement for Black people in the '60s, completely hijacked it and then proceeded to hijack Hitler's Holocaust with more Lies about THAT.  Amazing how fast all those Yellow Stars became Pink Triangles.  Considering what's included in the Initiation Ceremonies of the higher Secret Societies, I don't think it would be a stretch to suggest that the history revisionists have all been Karma Chameleons.  I honestly believe that if every individual crime that's ever been committed on this planet was traced back to its Root Cause, its origin would be found in a LIE that someone TOLD and was BELIEVED.  Deliberate Falsehoods are LIES.  Sins of Omission are LIES.  Secrets are LIES.  Denials of Facts are LIES.  And WHO suffers the most? -- children, babies, the innocent ones in every society.  When any society refuses to protect its youngest and most innocent members, it gets what it deserves, does it not?  HA!  You can't even get an open and honest discussion about the Root Causes of any problem.  It's 'politically incorrect' which really means that hidden somewhere is a law, an ordinance, a creed, a tenet or a secret blood oath making these Root Causes binding or loopholed in some way so as to be 'above any law' that may forbid them -- even in Christian churches, Jewish synagogues, Muslim mosques and every other religious institution.  When a nation or society and all its institutions becomes so deeply entrenched, so thoroughly saturated and permeated with certain deviances, perversions and depravities -- is it not finished?  Will more money, more material possessions, more bread & circuses, more warm & fuzzies fix it or make it go away?   How will changing the faces in the White House or Congress solve the problem when it's the entire system itself that is totally corrupt?

'It' is part of the Initiation into some of the 'higher' Secret Societies.  If I have a 'Third Eye' -- I want it left CLOSED, thank you.  When Creator/God forbade Adam & Eve to partake of the Fruit of the 'Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil', I think there was a good reason and mankind has already proven God was Right...

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Okay, so I love his song...  Undecided

Karma Chameleon  ~  Culture Club  (Boy George) 


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'I went down to that place and toured it. It's just a pit. It's just a porno pit' *LINK*
Well, you can look at it with a jaundiced eye, but be careful or they'll pluck your head right off your shoulders... :O *PIC*
I LOVE that bottom cartoon..... (considering the truth...... coming in .... behind it...... funny stuff!) *NM* *PIC*
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