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Wayne Madsen: White House in Crisis *LINK* *PIC*


Wayne Madsen: White House In Crisis

Note from Jean: I have no idea if there is any shred of validity to the slew of negative rumors reported by Madsen who, according to this Wikipedia entry on him, is a "conspiracy theorist and conspiracy minded blogger", but you may want to take a look at this... More on this apparent crisis through

White House Insider: Obama Battling Severe Depression.



The Message from Source I get - or call it a hunch if you prefer - about this situation is that it is certainly true that the grinding responsibilities of dealing with such a hefty challenge has been taking a toll of this man. But the fact also is that most of us in the new consciousness/spiritual community have been taking a hands-off, wait-and-see attitude towards this man, adopting a stance that has not been necessarily helpful towards assisting this soul in this considerably demanding life mission. Needless to say the pressure of destructive, mean-spirited comments from those who have a vested interest in seeing him fail, as well as the growing popular dissatisfaction over the increasingly untenable economic situation of this country harming millions of people have probably contributed in nurturing a distancing attitude towards him. Also the facts on the ground - often reported in my compilations - of the continuing evils perpetrated under his administration in the course of pursuing the so-called war on terror initiated by his predecessor, and the continuing bleeding of his country's resources and world credibility caused by the never-ending sufferings and horrors of war in Afghanistan and Iraq are now falling squarely on his shoulders, a result of unrealistic expectations placed on a man with no experience on dealing with such complicated matters, based in part on the heightened hopes generated during his presidential campaign that he would somehow, as if by magic, fix everything that is wrong in this country and in the world only because he said "Yes we can!" No matter what the outcome of the midterm US elections in a few days from now will be, one thing is sure, this soul and the millions of other souls whose future depends on this man succeeding in his life mission need our own unreserved energetic support. So the core of the Message I hear within me about this whole matter is to directly tell his soul "We love you"... and "Yes you can master the problems at hand and achieve what you came here to do." ... "Refocus fully, be trustful that a Way ahead will be found and the Light of Love in us all will prevail."

PS from Jean: I shared this above with Suzy Ward, seeking her comments on this ...

"This information about Obama's alleged depression seems in line with Hatonn's forceful comment in your/Matthew's last message - "We feel his discouragement and exhaustion as the dark ones keep stirring up trouble to dash his efforts everywhere." - and I strongly feel there is a need for such a call for unreserved spiritual support for his soul. Let's hope people will hear it despite all the bad pr his administration has gotten lately. "

...and she replied the following:

"I took time to read Madsen's interview and disagree with his opinion that Obama felt his orator skills would be enough to be an effective president -- that's paraphrasing, but the gist of it. A few days ago I saw some report about Rahm Emmanuel and the others abandoning ship because of Obama's paranoia and depression, etc. Most of it didn't feel right and Matthew said it shouldn't -- that was partly a long overdue housecleaning of people working against Obama, in some cases he felt their experience would help the administration and later learned they were undermining him, and others left to cover their asses. Of course he's not paranoid, but naturally he's depressed about the powerful opposition that's beyond his control and he's worried about death threats to him and his family that are tied to his acknowledging other civilizations, exposing the truth about 9/11, and the Illuminati's global network, including Hillary's high standing -- he's being pressured to replace Biden with her and he figures that would be enlisting for his assassination. What's so crucially needed is for the truth about all of that to come out, but the collective energy of negative feelings and thoughts about Obama is empowering all those who are against him. No wonder Hatonn spoke so bluntly! Maybe it can arouse some positive thoughts about Obama if you include that in the beginning comments section of your next compilation."

So here are some excerpts from Hatonn's message which can be read in its entirety at
(...) We have been given leave by God to use stronger methods wherever necessary to dismantle the Illuminati’s remaining power bases. This does NOT mean killing anyone — God never sanctions killing, nor would we ever want to do that! For quite some time we have been permitted to override the dark ones’ free will by blocking their powerful weaponry when they attempt more events like “9/11,” and we have done that on numerous occasions. Now we also can foil their efforts to create major disruptions by blocking their communication systems and transportation modes and by diverting their intelligence couriers. We also have God’s permission to temporarily relocate a few key individuals to areas where they can do no mischief whatsoever. This is done somewhat like the cloaking of our ships in an invisible force field, which makes the disappearance baffling to those individuals’ co-workers too. So, even though you won’t see evidence of our new allowances, you know that now we’re taking even longer strides to help you rid your world of dark deeds.
(...) Generally speaking, people know US president Barack Obama only by what he says and what your media report. Most don’t have clue about what goes on “behind closed doors.” You see stubborn partisan politics. We see Obama’s powerful enemies within and far beyond the government who are determined to smash to smithereens his attempts at reform. You see him looking worried and know some call him weak and say he’s leading his country in the wrong direction. We feel his pain as his efforts to improve the lives of all who are downtrodden are scuttled by a few self-servers. You see him trying to end foreign conflicts and think he should stay home and fix what’s wrong in his own country. We feel his discouragement and exhaustion as the dark ones keep stirring up trouble to dash his efforts everywhere. The folks you call “pundits” speculate whether voters will give Obama a second term in office. We sing his praises for staying the course day after day! He has to deal with some of the very ones who threaten his life and his family’s, yet his intention to keep working for a peaceful world without poverty anywhere remains firm. You know that he and his family are protected by the Christed light grid around them, but Obama doesn’t know that. You know that he is a major part of the Golden Age master plan, but he doesn’t know that either. He acts on his convictions, principles, aspirations and innate experience as an honored leader in a highly evolved civilization who agreed to serve Earth in the most demanding position on the planet. If everyone could know this soul as we do, all the doubts and carping about him would come to a screeching halt and you would thank God for this man’s courage, wisdom, spiritual and moral integrity and his willingness to persevere! You know that your thoughts create what happens in your life, in your world, and everything you do affects everything else in this universe. So if any of you are among the carpers and doubters, stop that and start helping Obama to succeed! He’s working for you — do the same for him, yourselves, your world and our universe! You don’t have to become political activists. Just keep your hearts and minds in the right place and help others do it too. We’re in the trenches with you and we need your help—we have more than enough hindrance from the dark ones on Earth! I know I’ve sounded harsh, but sometimes people don’t respond until it’s “tough love” time, and it is with love for you that I’ve spoken. And not just for myself and my people. I’m representing countless others who feel the same but don’t have a forum like this to express it. CLIP

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