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Pandemic Beginning - MUST OPEN

Natural Solutions Foundation

April 24, 2009

THIS Health Freedom Action eAlert IS LONG - AND COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!







Note 1: Nano silver, www.Nutronix.com/naturalsolutions, overcomes all known pathogens (that is, disease-causing organisms) against which it has been tested. Currently, I am aware of about 635 successful tests. I cannot tell you that it will deal with this weaponized virus, but I can tell you that if anything can, this virus can -- safely, without harming you, your children or pets...

Note 2: The information which appears at the end of this email was originally intended to be the sole subject of today's email blast. The appearance of a potential novel "Pandemic" virus meant that we had to cover that situation carefully and thoroughly first but the information is so relevant that we decided to add it to the end of the blast. I urge you to set aside some time in your overcrowded schedule to read this entire email from start to finish and then send it out with a request that your entire list do the same. I know that you are busy. But your immune system is your only defense against being overwhelmed with whatever is being brought to you by dedicated lunatics who literally want you and your family dead. Literally.


Weaponized Flu Pandemic Starting?
Pushback: Nano Silver Victory
Pushback: Food Bill
Pushback rbGH Victory
Dr. Coldwell and Wellness
Nutrients for Health
GMO Free Food
Clean Water for Life
Toxic Load Assay
Final Note

The Weaponized Flu Pandemic, WPF, Appears to Have Begun

"It first looked mostly like a swine virus but closer analysis showed it is a never-before-seen mixture of swine, human and avian viruses, according to the CDC."


"Don't be concerned", say the pundits of officialdom, "but this virus has killed 61 people in Mexico and has spread to the US." In Mexico, the victims have died while in the US they have not. I must assume that this is because their immune systems were in better shape. You will find specific information relating to that vital truth at the end of this message. Please take the time to read it all because it could save your life.

The article in Reuters goes on to say, "Because there is clearly human-to-human spread of the new virus, rising fears of a major outbreak, Mexico's government canceled classes for millions of children in its sprawling capital city and surrounding areas.

"Our concern has grown as of yesterday," U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention acting director Dr. Richard Besser told reporters in a telephone briefing." but the CDC and WHO go on to note that you should not alter your travel plans even though they also say they think that there may be as many as 1000 cases in Mexico...

Eight people were infected with the new strain in California and Texas, but all of them have recovered. Mexico said it had close to 1,000 suspected cases there.

"The CDC's Besser said scientists were working to understand why there are so many deaths in Mexico when the infections in the United States seem mild. Worldwide, seasonal flu kills between 250,000 and 500,000 people in an average year, but the flu season for North America should have been winding down. The U.S. government said it was closely following the new cases. 'The White House is taking the situation seriously and monitoring for any new developments. The president has been fully briefed,' an administration official said. Mexico's government cautioned people not to shake hands or kiss when greeting or to share food, glasses or cutlery for fear of infection....The WHO said it was ready to use rapid containment measures if needed, including antivirals, and that both the United States and Mexico are well equipped to handle the outbreak. Both the WHO and the CDC said there was no need to alter travel arrangements in Mexico or the United States."

I believe, on the contrary, that you SHOULD alter you travel plans. If you have any means to, or reason to, or thoughts of, being outside the US and Mexico RIGHT NOW, do it. Get a ticket and get out. Why? Because the flu may not sicken or kill you, but the forced vaccinations very well may.

It has also been noted in officialdom that although there is no evidence that this year's seasonal flu would provide cross "protection," that "possibility" is being "studied."

5 will get you 10 that the official pronouncement comes forth that, indeed, this year's flu vaccine miraculously confers "protection" against this mystery disease and, aren't we lucky? We can all take the Seasonal Flu vaccine and get "protected". I will be literally astonished if that is not the thrust of this "investigation" of a "lucky coincidence".

Vaccines, an uninsurable risk, are damaging and deadly at the best of times and have never been proven either safe or effective, despite the near-religious fervor of their well-funded supporters. Despite the total lack of scientific evidence that the antibodies produced by an irritated immune system provide protection for people against what they were injected for, epidemics continue to occur primarily in vaccinated populations (just as Avian Flu continued to appear in vaccinated flocks living in industrial conditions). But epidemics make for great crowd control opportunities and for wonderful population reduction exercises.

If this "strange brew virus" is the beginning of the Pandemic we have been promised for so long, it will LITERALLY signal the end of our lives as we know them, or even the ending of our lives. The monsters intentionally working this scheme have said over and over that there WOULD be a Pandemic, that it COULD be any time. The Powers That Kill (PTK) decided some time ago that there were simply too many of us "Useless Eaters" and they have concocted several schemes to accomplish the culling to get rid of what the US Government, the UN, WHO and others have decided is "necessary" for a sustainable planet: 80-90% of us dead. Remember, information is appearing which says that the new virus is a "strange brew" of swine flu, avian flu and human flu. Such "Strange Brews" do not occur by themselves. They occur in laboratories where mad men/women and their murderous gutless, spineless technicians and helpers assist them.

We have a warning to those who would perpetrate this horror: "just following orders" is not a defense to a charge of Crimes Against Humanity. You will be found out. You will be blamed. Just like the enlisted soldiers who were the scapegoats at Abu Grave, your superiors will disavow you and leave you hanging in the wind. Just like what may be about to happen to the NeoCon torturers of the last US Administration.

Two days ago, we heard rumblings of a mystery "Swine Flu" which was killing people in Mexico, but, not to worry! This was, the media soothed, not, repeat not, the start of a Pandemic. Yesterday we heard that there were now cases of this mystery disease in the US

and today, at 1:30 PM, Recombinomics Commentary, a virology journal, tells us that this IS the start of the Pandemic.

Click here - http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=2515 - for source articles and references.

But they also tell us that the gene sequences are totally novel and that such a virus has not been seen before.

Not outside of a weapons virology laboratory, that is. If this engineered Pandemic does not fizzle as several recent attempts we've tracked, you are being set up for one of three events. If it does fizzle there WILL be another attempt after this one, and another and another... until they get what they are after: genocidal depopulation -- unless we stop these atrocities.


Here's what you are looking at in the very near future:

You will face either FEMA or the Department of Homeland Security running the country with:

1. Martial Law and forced vaccinations, if you accept them. These vaccine will have GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT in them (perhaps some of the same goodies that were used to sterilize 3,000,000+ women in the Philippines without their knowledge, according to the conviction handed down by the Philippine Supreme Court, or the ones that were used, starting in 1985 by the WHO, to make enough women sterile in Africa to "eliminate 150,000,000 excess Sub Saharan Africans") or something in there to make sure that you have the flu or develop leukemia from the known contaminating viruses permitted in vaccines by the FDA for decades, or poisonous aluminum, fluoride and mercury, or MSG, or, or....

2. Martial Law with forced internment for an indefinite period if you refuse the "treatment" or "prevention" offered to you. If you think that this internment will be for your good health and survival, guess again. The DOJ no doubt already has a Memo drafted that it is perfectly legal.

This is not conspiracy theory - this is conspiracy fact: there IS a conspiracy to kill you and yours. Disregard this information and warning at your own peril. What are the consequences if you are unable to incorporate this information and it is true? What are the consequences if you do deal with it and it turns out to false or the weaponized virus fails in its mission?

You can see pretty quickly that this is a time to act on the basis that it IS true and do a Monday Morning Quarterback session if it's not. If it is correct, and we fear it may be, then not acting on it can, quite simply, destroy you and yours.

Not convinced? Simply think about Baxter's contamination of seasonal flu vaccine with highly infective weaponized Avian Flu Virus - followed by no criminal investigation, no firings, nothing and add in the fact that Baxter was applying for a license to sell their new Avian Flu vaccine against the same strain found in the vaccines in the very same 18 countries and you cannot miss the conspiracy.

But time has run out to try to persuade people. Frankly, at this point, you either follow your intuition and get it or you do not.

You are about to read for yourself the way it is and if you can see it, fine. If you cannot, well, the consequences will be on your own head. But the cost of ignoring what you are about to read, and not sharing it, may be truly life-and-death horrendous. Let me add here that I pray to my God that this deadly attempt on our lives and our way of life fails as the other attempts we've documented have.


Some of the intentional plagues, like SARS, have fizzled miserably (or gloriously for us who do not wish to die). Avian Flu simply would not get off the ground - 64% of the chickens in Indonesia, for example, developed a gene which makes them immune to the novel, weaponized Avian Flu with which they have been injected!

The Wellcome Trust of drug giant Burroughs Wellcome/SmithKleinGlaxo recently handed out grants to figure out why the Avian Flu was NOT causing a pandemic. Highly pathogenic (disease-causing) agents went through several transmissions and, DANG!, they lost their punch so that Egyptian toddlers are, as a recent news article said, unexpectedly not dying.

The fact, however, that they were not dying of the Avian Flu was, in the bizarre and twisted logic of that writer, a cause for even greater concern (and more vaccinations?) because then people would spread it without dying and there would be more deaths. Say what? Logic is not a strong point of those who hire themselves out to TPK.

Laws have been put in place to allow the mere utterance of the word "Pandemic" by the Secretary of Health and Human Services to close the trap on anyone inside, entering or leaving the US, compelling vaccination or internment via martial law and other "emergency measures":

~ Accept either Mandatory Vaccination or involuntary internment ("quarantine") for an unspecified period of time. More than 630 camps, with a total capacity of close to 30 million people, have been built and staffed (Patriot Acts I, II, BARDA, State Emergency Medical Powers Acts in virtually every state make refusing a vaccine when called for by the Governor a felony offense punishable by immediate imprisonment).

~ Presidential Emergency Powers which authorize the stripping of your citizenship and habeas corpus rights and authorizing holding you as a suspected terrorist if you disagree with the system's desires (Executive Order, October 17, 2007).

The Sec of HHS needs no scientific substantiation, no advice and consent from Congress, no validation from anyone. Just the magic word, "Pandemic!" CAN and WILL trigger Health Fascism such as we have never seen outside of the concentration camps of Germany. You see,

~ The Warren Commission Act (October 17, 2006), authorizes holding "suspected terrorists" [see above] without a trial or with a trial before a military tribunal but without legal representation, the right to confront one's accusers, the right to examine the evidence against you or be informed of the charges against you, and subjecting you to the possibility of a secret execution as a "suspected terrorist" while -

~ President Bush's Executive Order of October 17, 2006 cancels habeas corpus, the rights granted under the English Common Law System to not be kidnapped by the state without notifying people that you are being held, the right to legal representation, the right to a speedy trial, the right to know the charges against you, the right to examine the evidence being held against you, the right to face your accusers, the right, in short, to justice under the US Constitution. Gone.

Natural Solutions Foundation has been warning for some time that a bio-engineered, weaponized flu virus and/or weaponized flu vaccine is in the offing. See, for example, Intellegence Report on Weaponized Avia Flu, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2r-njxcVt5U, Smoke and Mirrors… shards of truth - http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=965 and Avian Flu "Accident" - http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=2220.

If you recall, it was the Natural Solutions Foundation which broke the Weaponized Flu story in July, 2008 and have followed it up vigorously with videos, on the radio and in writing since then.



An official in Indiana recently claimed that he had been briefed along with others that FEMA has a plan to vaccinate every man, woman and child in the US within 48 hours of the start of an official "Pandemic". While that is an enormous logistical task, given that battle veterans are in place "backing up" police departments throughout the nation, who knows what might be accomplished? Rounding up people, putting them in holding centers and administering these shots forcibly under armed guard as was done to the children of Prince George's County, MD, school district in November, 2007? You will recall that the State's Attorney in this action, Mr. Glenn Ivey, stated that his own young children were protected under an exemption in the state which he had filed for them because the vaccines were dangerous.

Could mercenaries who work for companies like Xe, the renamed Blackwater, the hundreds of thousands of foreign soldiers reported to be quartered in the US (despite the "outmoded" [according to President Obama] US Constitution's prohibition of such quartering) and newly retrained US and Canadian troops round people up and sort out the accepters from the refusers, shipping off the refusers to camps and jails prepared for them. No? Why not? After all, they would be indoctrinated to believe that you, unvaccinated, would pose a danger that the rest of us and therefore, if you were reluctant to do your duty for society and accept the vaccination, you would have to be removed from society. Can't happen? That's what the ghastly, inhuman and ineffective, but ever-burgeoning prison system is based upon. Precisely.

Given that in July of 2008, within 24 hours of each other, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Homeland Security declared that their goal was to vaccinate every man, woman and child in the United States against the Avian Flu (now, of course, it would be the "Mysterious" Swine Flu), starting, as they so chillingly put it, with those who want it, there is no reason to think that this is not what lies in store for us.

My advice to you: DO NOT accept injections. Protect your immune system by starting a vigorous, but sensible, detoxification program NOW and by giving up any sort of packaged food that is not labeled organic and GMO free. Read the information below on how to do that with safe, clean and effective products which also provide support to the Natural Solutions Foundation so that we can continue fighting for you and your rights.


Nano Silver Still Available! Pushback works!


Pushback Victory No. 1. EPA Attack on Silver Tarnished by Public Outcry!

The Mouse that Roared is a 1955 novel by Irish writer Leonard Wibberley about an imaginary impoverished country, the smallest in the world, which declares war against the United States - and wins!

Well, we have been doing a pretty good job of riding, and roaring with, the Freedom Mouse. In fact when we roar loud enough, the Corporate Lion in the Board Room backs off. We roared out a huge number of emails to our Congressional Public Servants and to the head of involved agencies. We said, in essence, "Don't you dare, EPA, take away a safe, effective and proven method of disease control!"

And guess what? EPA decided to back off, put out a call for research proposals which it will not begin to sift through until this summer and take some years to "study" the situation. And it decided that, because of the [Freedom] Mouse that Roared, it could not divest the citizens of the US of their choice in health promotion aides without a whole, whole let more backup in the form of scientific papers, information and justification.

The information we have is that the size of the public outcry was the determining factor! Mouse Warriors, congratulate yourself on a push back well-executed.

Now that you have that pleasure under your belt, hang on for a ride here. EPA and its multinational backers are not backing off. They'll be back. But we are not backing out.

March 20 was the last day for public comments on the absurd and potentially disastrous ploy to declare nano silver a "pesticide" and declare the equipment that makes it also a "pesticide".

Now if the US had a pesticide free food supply, such an approach might, just MIGHT, make some sort of sense. As it is, the US is completely happy for us to eat pesticide laden foods, spray pesticides on our soil and lawns and, in general, make a lot of pesticide manufactures, and their multinational owners, quite happy without giving a thought to the real dangers of these dangerous chemicals.

But silver, especially nano silver, is safe and effective for the disease-causers outside of you body and multiplying happily inside of it. After all, silver is pretty much universal nutritional support for normal immune response to the multitude of things that can make us sick or even kill us. And it is cheap, really cheap, especially compared to expensive, dangerous and damaging medications to which the bugs are increasingly resistant.

Because of the way nano silver works, no pathogen can become resistant to it. It nourishes an immune system that can overcome the bad guys and let the good guys (beneficial probiotics) alone. Here is where you can get enough to tide you and your loved ones over through this horrifying situation if you can either leave the country OR self quarantine. See our guide to self quarantining here - http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=752. And get your Nano Silver here:


, click on "Products" tab, scroll down the left hand side to "Silver Solutions" and lay in a supply. If you are so inclined, you can either buy enough for yourself and others whom you care about or become a distributor and make some money on selling this outstanding health aide.


Pushback Victory No. 2. ("VIP" or "Victory In Progress)
Food Fascism in the Halls of Congress:

Inside information on the dangerous farm bills which will hand ALL food production to the industrialized food system:

1. We are creating the necessary pushback against HR 875 and S 425 and that is due to YOUR actions. Thank you, Mouse Warriors! We have been informed that congressmen are approaching 875's sponsor and asking what her bill is about, because their offices are being flooded with our emails protesting this legislative assault on sense and survival.

This is outstanding.

2. However, it is clear that H.R. 875/S. 425 are just stalking horses, and the real danger has always been H. R. 759. If you recall, Natural Solutions Foundation has been saying this for some time. H.R. 875/S. 425 moves the usual FDA bureaucrats to a new Food Safety Agency and gives them more power. HR 759 simply gives them more power to abuse.

We now understand that the fervor mounted against 875/425 can be used by the other side to clear the path to passage of the even worse HR 759. We are, however, on to the strategy being used: wear us out with 875/425 and sneak 759 in over our exhausted bodies.

Well, you and I are having none of it. We are tired, but we are far from exhausted. Click here -


- to read a side by side comparison of 875 and 759 to see why both are bad, but 759 is even worse.

Our response to this common political ploy? More messages to Congress!!! Just the thing they are counting on us not being able to muster.

We can, we are and we will muster that response. It is imperative that we once again rise to the MouseWarriorHeights that we have achieved in the campaign against 875/425 and surpass it. Here is the link to cut and paste in order to take action: http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/t/1128/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=26714.

You can also go to our Health Freedom Blog to read our White Paper on Codex and the (sic) "Food Safety" Bills here -



You can read about the issue in more detail, take the actions required and then send it off on its viral journey.
Once you do take the action steps, you know the drill: viralize, viralize, viralize!

Check out our new PodCasts on www.HealthFreedomRadio.com!


Pushback Victory No. 3. Bovine Growth Hormone
Milk Labeling PushBack Victory - for Now!

Kansas Governor Sebelius, Obama's Pick for Head of Health And Human Services, Vetoes Milk Labeling Bill!

Who knows? Maybe she will resist yelling "Pandemic", too!

In a victory for local dairy farmers and consumers, Gov. Sebelius vetoed a highly controversial bill that would have limited rbGH labeling on dairy products in the state. Under the provisions of the bill, consumers would have not been able to determine if the milk they were drinking had been produced by cows made ill, but more productive, with Monsanto's Prosilac, or recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone.

The bill, HB 2121, faced massive opposition from dairy, consumer, health, animal welfare and environmental organizations across the country; nearly 30 of which wrote a letter to Governor Sebelius urging her to veto HR 2121.

Consumers and organizations flooded the office of the Governor and the pushback worked! The controversial bill passed by the Kansas State Legislature would have required an additional disclaimer on labels for dairy products produced from cows not treated with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rbGH or rbST), a genetically engineered, artificial hormone that induces cows to produce more milk.

The Governor's office sent out a press release late this afternoon, explaining why she vetoed the bill:

"...the Bill before me...provides for changes in dairy labeling that could make it more difficult to provide consumers with clear information. The milk labeling provisions negatively impact a dairy producer's ability to inform consumers that milk is from cows not treated with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBST)."

"Supporters of the bill claim it's necessary to protect consumers from false or misleading information. Yet there has been overwhelming opposition by consumer groups, small dairy producers and retailers to this proposed legislation. Therefore, pursuant to Article 2, Section 14 of the Constitution of the State of Kansas, I veto HB 2121."

Pushback is a mighty force. Keep riding the Freedom Mouse, Mouse Warriors!

Of course, there could be attempts to over-ride the veto, and our coalition is already making preparations to keep this veto intact. The final session of the Kansas legislature starts April 28 and could go as long as 10 days. We'll be ready. Stay tuned for further updates.

What you are about to read was intended to be today's email blast. The appearance of a potential novel "Pandemic" virus meant that we had to cover that situation carefully and thoroughly first.

But read on. The health equivalent of Freedom Mouse Pushback is protecting your immune system. It is your ONLY defense against being overwhelmed with whatever they throw at us while you use safe, clean products. All of the products listed below are important for your health. Use them. And without spending a penny more, you will be supporting the Natural Solutions Foundation at the same time.

Of course, we need your direct tax deductible donations, too. Click here - http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=189 - to give whatever you can, large or small, on a recurring basis. We are fighting for your health and freedom. We need your help to do that.


How to Support a Movement AND Stay Alive:

Defying the Deadly Illness Agenda Through Effective Detox and Natural Strategies

A Special Focus Health Report from Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

"Dr. Leonard Coldwell, NMD, ND, PHD, DNM, CNHP, a specialist in the natural and the Natural Solutions Foundation have formed an alliance in order to move health freedom forward. Dr. Coldwell is the author of numerous best-selling books including the breakthrough book designed to help you survive your doctors, "Instinct Based Medicine - How to Survive Your Illness and Your Doctors - www.InstinctBasedMedicineStore.com

It is a book that you need to read and that the Powers That Kill (PTK) have worked hard to keep you from reading.

Information is power and those PTks are spending a good deal of time and effort on taking away both the information and the tools they we can use to get - and stay - drug free and healthy. Since your access to information and natural health options, including strategies to help keep you maintain - or regain - your health, including clean food, is under major attack, we have decided to offer a special group of products in a series of email blasts.

These products are special for two reasons: First, they are all superior examples of their class, doing their jobs well and offering you outstanding value for the money. Second, their manufacturers understand the health freedom battle and are willing to support the Natural Solutions Foundation by making generous donations for each product sold. That means that with each purchase of these products you are making a contribution to the Natural Solutions Foundation without adding a penny to your total expenses - and with all the others on our two virtual stores:
www.Organics4U.org and www.NaturalSolutionsMarketPlace.org

Of course, if you can make an additional tax deductible donation to the Natural Solutions Foundation, we would appreciate that greatly. Our mailing list is nearly a quarter of a million strong so even small donations from every person on it would give us the funding we need to push back the toxic health tyranny forces - permanently. Click here - http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=189

- to make that contribution now, while you are thinking about it. Large or small, it all adds up.

Since we are talking about toxic forces, let's start with detoxification ....

Detoxification is perhaps the single most important health promotion act after eating clean, healthy food and exercising.

We live in a toxic world filled with toxins, including processed, pesticided foods and drugs (fluoride, synthetic hormones, etc., etc,.), industrial chemicals (like the bis phalate which leaches from our plastic water bottles), mercury from China's pollution, fish and high fructose corn syrup and about 100,000 other sources of chemical and radiation contamination carelessly (intentionally?) fouling our world and polluting our bodies, even before we are born.

That is a pretty grim picture when you consider that a toxic (e.g., acidic, contaminated and malnourished) terrain, your body, is the ONLY breeding ground for the diseases of our age: Auto Immune Diseases, Arthritis, Alzheimer's Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Flu, Heart Disease, Hepatitis, Infections, Neurological Disorders, Osteoporosis, Parasites, Senile Dementia, Stroke, Tuberculosis, Vascular Disease, and the rest. Add to that the reality that, despite billions of dollars of hype and deception to the contrary, drugs do nothing to address underlying causes of disease and therefore we can safely say, "No drug ever cured ANY disease, but merely suppressed symptoms of the disease" and you can see the course for wellness lying ahead of your clearly:

Assure nutritional sufficiency (NOT available from the processed and genetically modified "food" on your supermarket shelves", detox properly (see below) and THEN, and only then, repair the damage done and provide proper nutrition.
That's it, in a nutshell. Literally. The know-how to accomplish that is, of course, not quite so simple sometimes and the skills of deeply knowledgeable people are often required to help you move along that path to the successful outcome you seek: Radiant Well-Being.

The BePureCleanse Detox System (http://healthfreedomusa.bepurecleanse.com%20/) described below is the product of years of research by brilliant, well-trained and talented healers, the kind with lots of letters after their names.

BePureCleanse - http://healthfreedomusa.bepurecleanse.com%20/ - is the result of a collaboration of the leading minds in the field of treatment and prevention of terminal (that is, in essence, autoimmune) diseases. Dr Leonard Coldwell NMD ND PHD DNM CNHP, Dr Thomas Hohn MD NMD and Dr Holger Crone MD ND HD are leading international lights in natural medicine and healing. BePureCleanse - http://healthfreedomusa.bepurecleanse.com%20/ - is made from ONLY all organic, all natural, all vegetarian, all US based (not Chinese) products free of any allergenic elements.

Dr. Coldwell, who worked most of his life with cancer and other so-called "incurable" diseases, and is responsible for documented cures in more than 35,000 cancer patients (!) says the following about BePureCleanse - http://healthfreedomusa.bepurecleanse.com%20/ - "I believe BePureCleanse system is the most important action you can take to launch you on your journey to life-long health and happiness".

And because of Dr. Coldwell and his dedication to Health Freedom and the Natural Solutions Foundation, BePureCleanse -http://healthfreedomusa.bepurecleanse.com%20/ - is donating $60 for each product sold through the Natural Solutions Foundation to support our work. So your cleanse and that of the people you know can help clean up your body and help clean up the world of toxic forces.

BePureCleanse http://HealthFreedomUSA.bepurecleanse.com


Nutrients for Health


Environmental contamination, drugs, demineralized foods, preservatives, artificial colors, GMOs, industrial chemicals, "cides" (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides), vaccine ingredients and a host of other toxins all pile up in our bodies. We did not evolve with the enzymes to detoxify these poisons so it is no wonder we become ill. The wonder of it is that we have been trained to believe that this illness is normal. It is not. Toxic bodies create toxic illness and toxic aging. Why not supply your body with organic (NOT from genetically modified "food" or organisms), balanced and absorbable nutrients compounded by Dr. Coldwell?

The diseases of the "Modern World" are, in essence, the diseases of high calorie under-nutrition. Click here


to find your source for wholesome, organic and beautifully blended nutrients to replace - and repair - the deficits which precede disease and in which disease takes root.

Again, because of Dr. Coldwell, for every purchase, Universal Formulas will contribute 25% to the Natural Solutions Foundation to carry on our efforts to make sure that you can continue to buy high potency nutrients. In Europe, these products have become illegal because they contain effective, high potency nutrients. IF you don't want the same Codex-compliant health tyranny in the US, support the Natural Solutions Foundation AND your body by purchasing your nutrients from http://HealthFreedomUSA.awesomesupplements.com

Protect your body and your health freedom at the same time.



What Do I Eat and Where Do I Get It?


While you are detoxing, and once you are as toxin free as you can be, what can you eat that will nourish, strengthen and support your health, not retoxify you? You can grow your own clean food, work with a Sustainable Community Agriculture program, make friends with, and buy from, local producers whose clean food growing you can see from yourself, shop at a local farmers' market, buy strictly organic and Bio Dynamic foods AND you can look for sources like Whole Foods Farmacy,


Whole Foods Farmacy takes its name from the fact that clean food is healing food. They offer a diverse line of GMO free, chemical free, delicious, nutritious and wholesome foods at reasonable prices. You'll find detox programs, snacks, soups, health aides and a lot more. And, once again, every purchase you make there will bring a contribution to the Natural Solutions Foundation.

Help us by helping yourself and together we can create the necessary pushback to assure our health and our freedom to be as healthy as we choose.

Whole Foods Farmacy - http://gmofree.wholefoodfarmacy.com/2005/ga_home.asp


Water is Life. Clean Water is Essential for Healthy Life


Despite bogus "science" purporting to show that tap water is safe to drink, the fact is that it is only safe according to 19th century standards which focused on fecal contamination (e.g., E. coli) and a few dangerous compounds which are permitted at levels which we now know to be dangerous (e.g., arsenic). The reality is that your water, whether in plastic bottles (which have their own hazards and may be simply tap water in a bottle that leaches toxins into it) or from your tap, is dangerous to your health. In most of the US, aluminum is added to give it "sparkle" despite the considerable dangers of ingesting this neurotoxic metal (think "Alzheimer's Disease"), Fluoride is added to allegedly protect your teeth and bones while in reality it does nothing of the kind, instead increasing the rate of cancers, diabetes and, most importantly, poisoning your brain so that, like the prisoners of Stalin's Gulags, you become complacent. Aluminum in the presence of fluoride, by the way, makes both of them synergistically much more toxic than either of these toxic substances alone.

Chlorine interacts with the hydrocarbon contaminants in the water to make chlorinated hydrocarbons and new cancer agents are born, winding up in your tissues where they add to the contamination already present.

Then, of course, there are the drug and chemical residues which have been documented to contaminate water all over the world, and their dangers, both known and unknown. Add to this the damage that water of the wrong pH can do to the alkaline balance necessary for your health and you have a recipe for the health disaster that the "developed" world is suffering - an epidemic of preventable diseases.

What can you do about this intake of illness called "contaminated water"? Well, I recommend that you visit an exceptional site with a wide range of products,


www.ewater.com/?tuul_aff=laibow. If you drink water, and you are not among the fortunate few who know for certain that their water is truly clean, you need a good filter. If your water is fluoridated (as most water is in the US), you urgently need to get a water filtration system that removes that toxic chemical. Most filtration systems, even very good ones, do not. So you need to take special care to make sure that it is removed.

Some of the technologies on this page will be familiar to you and some, I am sure, will provide you with new ideas that will offer you new options for using the amazing new options that energy science is providing to you.

The people www.ewater.com, http://www.ewater.com/?tuul_aff=laibow, understand water purification. They also understand that health freedom is under severe attack and so they have offered to make a 10-15% contribution to the Natural Solutions Foundation on all of their products if you purchase them through our link, www.ewater.com, http://www.ewater.com/?tuul_aff=laibow .


Want to Assess Your Toxic Load?


HelpingAmerica.com, http://www.helpingamerica.com/cmd.php?af=970782 has home tests for metals available as well as a selection of other products focused on assessing, and removing metals and other toxins. Like the other companies mentioned, they understand the dangers facing our choices for natural health and healing so they, too, are offering to support Natural Solutions Foundation when you make your purchases by using this link, http://www.helpingamerica.com/cmd.php?af=970782. What that means to you is that you have access to remarkable self-care products and tests. What it means to Natural Solutions Foundation is that we support the Wellness Industry and they help us to help them stay in business to provide you with healthcare options. Helping America.com, http://www.helpingamerica.com/

cmd.php?af=970782, will contribute 10% of your purchase price to us.


This is Really Stressful!


Indeed it is. We live in a world that poses threats unknown to any other generation anywhere in the world. We know now (after decades of ridicule of the work of the pioneers who were sneered at so roundly and soundly) that stress decreases immune function in what can be a cataclysmic way. We know that short term stress has a significant impact but that a well nourished and well-balanced person can recover from it without adverse effects if they live in a supportive environment, have good mental habits for detoxification, exercise regularly, etc.

The rest of us, who live in a toxic world, often struggling against on-going forces that are toxic physically, emotionally and psychologically which just do not quit need something more to protect that most valuable capacity, our immune system.

Once again, the Natural Solutions Foundation is grateful to Dr. Coldwell because, as a good physician should be, he is working to protect the whole patient. I asked Dr. Coldwell about his Stress Reduction CD Program and here is what he said:

"My CDs are the most sold and worldwide endorses Stress Reduction, Self Healing and Self Help Education CDs ever - They are based on 30 years of research and experience and unmatched results ( success ). The Handbook explaining everything is on the site and makes using the CDs successfully intuitive and easy."

Stress destroys over time. I strongly suggest that you take the time to de-stress to avoid distress! Here's how:

Go to http://ibmsaudio.com/home.php?partner=health

and get yourself some vital tools for mastering stress, protecting your immune systems from its devastating effects and feeling better, all at the same time. Of course, you are also helping the Natural Solutions Foundation while you accomplish all of this.

Once again, this is a purchase that supports you and health freedom at the same time. Dr. Coldwell is contributing 50% of the purchase price to the Natural Solutions Foundation. That means that you, and we, get the support we need. yours is immune and emotional, ours is financial so we can protect, defend and extend health freedom. http://ibmsaudio.com/home.php?partner=health


A Final Note:


Natural Solutions Foundation owns and operates two online stores:


is chock full of products which are free of GMOs and toxic chemicals. Virtually every purchase you make there gives you an instant donation as our way of saying "Thank you for supporting us" and outstanding products to help you regain and/or maintain your health. And every one of your purchases there supports the beleaguered Wellness Industry.

How beleaguered is it? Very. The mad, and deadly, FDA permits toxic food as the American norm (so much so that advanced health practitioners commonly refer to what Americans eat, and die from, as the "Standard American Diet" or "SAD"!) but attacks legitimate manufacturers (and customers) of healthy products and devices on a daily basis, sometimes with legal assaults and sometimes with clubs, guns and dogs. Literally. They burn books to this very day, too, when the book say that you are free to control your own health destiny without their most profitable source of income: drugs.

Our other store, www.NaturalSolutionsMarketPlace.org offers you products and services which are also of great quality and value. These products are different from the ones on www.Organics4U.org and, like our


products, are also high value, outstanding products and services.

Why do we run stores? Simple. The Wellness Industry needs support, your health needs support and the Natural Solutions Foundation needs support. You can make a tax deductible donation (http://www.healthfreedomusa.


) to the Natural Solutions Foundation with or without a purchase, of course. Every single bit helps. As little as one dollar a month, for example, from every person on our list would give us the resources we need to win the health freedom war!

AND, you can make the purchases you are going to make from the generous and far sighted companies mentioned in this email. Oh, by the way, if your company believes in supporting health and health freedom, contact us at


with "WELLNESS" as the subject and let us know about your product or service, too, and the nature of the support you have in mind.

Our primary list is about a quarter of a million people. They forward and forward and forward so a great many people see our emails. Mutual support is essential for this struggle. Help us to help you, whether you are a CEO, professional or consumer. We all need health freedom!

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD

Medical Director

Natural Solutions Foundation



PS - for a listing of some of our accomplishments over the past years, please see:



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