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Barbara Hand Clow's AstroFlash for November 5th, 2010 Mayan Day SEVEN *LINK* *PIC*

Scorpio New Moon: November 5, 2010 View Chart

The New Moon in Scorpio has arrived, the deepest and most intense lunation of the solar year, the time to get honest about your true feelings. Once you have found emotional clarity, then it is possible to sharpen your will, your instrument for fulfilling your intentions in life. Anyone who has experienced the water sword-Scorpio-knows all about these incisive powers. During the remarkable cardinal squares this summer, many people found themselves using their will power very intentionally, and this felt really good. Well, these intentions are to be fulfilled this fall. What were they for you? What did you find yourself hammering away at all summer?

During such remarkable creative change in general, you may have also felt chaotic, ungrounded, dislocated, and frantic during the summer. Have you noticed yourself trying to figure out what happened in your life during this summer? Ironically, it does not really matter how you handled what actually came up because change plays itself out in increments, and the changes we are experiencing now are group changes. But, with this Scorpio New Moon occurring at the opening of Day Seven of the Galactic Underworld, we can each adjust to, and integrate, the great collective shifts; this will be easier for you if you intend to adjust yourself. Since each one of us is an equally significant voter in what is created, we each must activate our wills to create what we believe in now. The planetary cues in this reading can help you use your imagination to strengthen your will and create intentionally.

This Plutonic dark Moon comes a few days after the entrance into Day Seven of the Galactic Underworld. [See The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind.] Day Sevens of any Underworld are when the fruition of that Underworld's evolutionary agenda occurs. In the case of the Galactic Underworld (1999-2011) Day Seven is November 3, 2010, through October 28, 2011, when we will experience the maturation of technology. In the case of the Planetary Underworld (1755-2011), Day Seven is 1992-2011, when we moved into full globalization during the Clinton Era; and with Day Seven of the Galactic, technology will be evolving our species into Oneness in one short year. We are slated to experience the benefits of technology in ways we can barely imagine that will bring us together in wholeness, in Oneness. Meanwhile, things are going so fast now-with all Nine Underworlds moving into simultaneous culmination during 2011-that any tool we have is very much needed. This New Moon can help you clearly identify your agenda within this great collective game and will activate you to assume your role.

There is great astrological potential for us to pull together during this Scorpio New Moon. While people around the planet celebrate the New Moon, they also celebrate Day Seven of the Galactic, which is resonating with the Day Sevens of all previous seven Underworlds. When Day Seven of the 102,000-year Regional Underworld opened in 5900 BC, we were recovering from the Night Six cataclysms. Looking back in time, we find the goddess culture of art and beauty thriving in advanced villages like Catal Huyuk. When Day Seven of the 5,125-year National Underworld opened in 1617 AD, Europeans were finished with the Inquisition and the plagues. Looking back, we find that the Age of Exploration and early science were culminating the intentions of the National Underworld civilizations. During Day Seven of the Planetary Underworld, a strong global economic revival began in 1992 that lasted more than ten years.

By examining the chart, I can see that this Scorpio New Moon does express convergent forces that could push us into Oneness with technology. It is loaded with personal tips that can be used to take advantage of the grand opportunity that has occurred only seven times previously during 16.4 billion years! This moment is the eighth great culmination of an Underworld, and the ninth and last one will happen during October 2011. This means that we are taking two great steps over the next twelve months. This knowledge is also has its practical side. For example, from studying demographics, Jupiter/Saturn cycles, and Pluto's transit through Capricorn, I can see that we are in the early stages of a ten-to-fifteen-year economic downturn. However, Day Sevens of the Planetary and Galactic Underworlds suggest otherwise. This means that these time accelerations may be especially distorting normal economic cycles. Investors take note: There could be a boom in some sectors of technology, especially the ones that point to the next stage of our evolution-uses of free energy and consciousness in the higher planes.

During the planetary pairings of the Libra lunation, we witnessed many new revelations:

  • WikiLeaks released a second wave of data exposing the insanity of war;
  • reports showed that Halliburton's concrete failures may have caused the Deepwater Horizon oil spill;
  • thankfully, the US did not bomb Iran's nuclear facilities, which had been discussed for many months;
  • the American mid-term elections reflected great change in the American society, which captured worldwide attention.

Meanwhile, many of Carl Calleman's readers surged forward with ceremonies to balance male and female energies as Day Seven of the Galactic begins.

Gerry and I were in India and Europe for the past five weeks, and foreign papers showed that the whole world still hopes that America can help the world escape despotism and mayhem. During the Libra New Moon, Pluto was moving inexorably closer to the lunar North Node in Capricorn, which squared Saturn/Mercury in Libra. This meant October was a time of karmic crisis over the need for deep change in our world. Many felt this strain in their personal lives as they observed monumental events in the world.

Well, during the Scorpio New Moon, Pluto is exactly conjunct the North Node in Capricorn while sextiling Venus in early Scorpio and Chiron/Neptune in late Aquarius. Venus is trining Neptune/Chiron, which means the issue is healing female pain and imagination. The crisis brought to a head during the cardinal squares this summer will intensify during this lunar month, and a new sense of direction will emerge. There is not going to be any way to avoid confronting the toughest issues of our times, and to realize that life is never going to be the same. We all have to release old dysfunctional patterns to make space for new paths.

Significantly, Chiron and Neptune are just a few minutes apart; Chiron goes direct just before this New Moon, and Neptune goes direct the day after. Therefore, the themes of the Scorpio New Moon are: the Plutonic restructuring of systems to be accomplished by means of a great healing crisis, and a Chiron-conjunct-Neptune-trine-Venus inspiring the feminine revival during the end of the Mayan Calendar. Because of these elements, something really big is going to happen with our seas and/or oil (ruled by Pluto). I suspect this because Chiron went into Pisces for the first time just a few hours before the Deep Water Horizon oil platform explosion, which consequently was felt as a global wounding. Perhaps we will have to face the truth about the deeply hidden damage to our oceans, Neptune's world? The New Moon chart offers some ideas.

The New Moon is in the middle degrees of Scorpio, where its Plutonic influence is the strongest. We have moved out of the phase of three Super Moons-Leo, Virgo, and Libra-yet, still this New Moon has no aspects! This is the fourth New Moon with no aspects to it, which is really compelling, since a New Moon with no major aspects is quite rare. Thus, the Scorpio lunation hovers uninfluenced, which intensifies its Plutonic potency that cannot be avoided with Pluto right on the lunar North Node. Some big lines will be drawn in the sand this month. Hopefully, most of the tectonic stress from three Super Moons was released in the Indonesian quake and tsunami and Mt. Merapi's eruption in Java.

In general, the New Moon in Scorpio is passionate, truthful, desperate, and frequently stuck. This force makes us feel intense and mindful about everything-Scorpio's sword! Pluto (which rules Scorpio) sitting on the North Node means everybody has to handle the really big structural transformations that now underlie our reality. We will feel that what each one of does or does not do really matters, and this is true. Venus is positioned before the New Moon, while Mercury follows later in Scorpio, so we are acutely receptive to deep feelings while also possessing keen insight about what's important. The challenge is to master our wills by aligning our feelings and beliefs with the greater agendas of our times. Used correctly, this is the perfect New Moon for launching the fruition phase-Day Seven-of the Galactic Underworld.

Pluto on the lunar North Node compels us to embrace structural change and new paths in life. The sextile from Venus in Scorpio to Pluto in Capricorn brings on the most helpful aspects of the feminine perspective. Venus is poised to inspire the much-needed balancing between male and female powers. For example, there are many women in the military these days. Surely the only good reason for women (or anybody) to be involved in the last stages of warfare would be to soften warrior instincts so that they are used only for protection and survival. Isn't it time to wonder whether both men and women can use their power in better ways? I realize that one way to have a decent-paying job in the US these days is to go into the military, but still that is no excuse for killing others and throwing your own life away.

Maybe this month will bring forth women who crusade for the reformation of the military, an agency that is simply meant to protect people. Venus trines Chiron/Neptune, an aspect that suggests women will be the source of great healing. Chiron/Neptune closely squares Mercury in Scorpio, which hints that more and more women will see the truth about the military being merely a tool to keep the Elite in power. I've always felt that putting women into combat would eventually end wars, and I stick by that belief. Mercury squaring Chiron/Neptune and trining Uranus/Jupiter suggests surprises-and maybe a long-awaited balancing from the goddess within.

Meanwhile, Saturn in 12 Libra sextiles Mars in 6 Sagittarius. Saturn in Libra builds structures that balance things, and there will be a strong tendency for those in power to take the high road. Mars was exactly conjunct Saturn on July 31, a few days after the Full Moon on July 26. Then, Saturn and Mars were closely opposed to Uranus and Jupiter, and all four were closely squaring Pluto. That was exactly when WikiLeaks released part of their huge War Logs File, and the public got some real information about what's going on in Afghanistan. Then three months later on October 25, right after the 29 Aries Full Moon (the ultimate balance stress), Mercury was conjunct Venus in 8 Scorpio, and Julian Assange of WikiLeaks courageously released more of these files. He was outrageously slandered in the media, yet publicly honored by Daniel Ellsburg, the man who pulled the plug on the Vietnam War with his Pentagon Papers in late June of 1971.

As Mars in Sagittarius sextiles Saturn in Libra on November 15, and the Sun trines Jupiter in 23 Scorpio, maybe people will be inspired to raise up and get their governments to stop the wars. I'd say the mid-term elections in the United States indicate that the budget needs to be severely cut, and the military is the logical place to begin.

The theme of the Day Seven celebrations is harmony between men and women, which will create the end of war on Earth during the end of the Mayan Calendar, since division in partnerships is the genesis of violence. We all have a lot of work to do, and it begins at home.

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