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Someone's crystal ball was a bit hazy... :D *PIC*

Maybe Netanyahu stands in the way of TRUTH.  He should give up the fight because Obama & the Vatican have his 'family jewels' in a vice-grip.  He should give them their 'Two-State Solution' and let the world SEE what 'PEACE' in the Middle East on Vatican/Palestinian/Iranian terms would REALLY look like...I think it's a 'MUST SEE!' -- Otherwise, certain people may deem it necessary to Raise the Level of Hatred not only towards Israel & the Jews in general, but also towards Christians -- especially in the U.S. with yet another Call for a Final Solution?... 

Israel's Coalition Government Threatened By Walk Out 

Labour party will walk out of Israel's coalition government unless negotiations with the Palestinians get under way...


Israel's Labour party will walk out of the rightwing-dominated coalition government unless serious negotiations with the Palestinians get under way in the coming weeks, according to cabinet minister Avishay Braverman, an expected challenger to Ehud Barak for his party's leadership...
He also urged Barack Obama to apply himself to the issue of a Middle East peace settlement with renewed determination after Tuesday's midterm elections. "The world needs a strong president of the US," he said...
Labor's departure from Netanyahu's government could trigger its collapse unless the centre-right Kadima party could be persuaded to join...



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Obama 'To Turn On Israel After Midterm Elections' * Things should get Interesting... *PIC*
that's why the sheeple get this airfreight bomber rumpus shoved under their asses, just in time, by the non-official 'Office' terrorists. Ya ya! *NM*
Someone's crystal ball was a bit hazy... :D *PIC*
LOL the Flying Holy Seeans hiding them holy sticks'n balls from to be seen as divine instruments of pedo-philia?
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