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November Forecast 2010 by Lena Stevens *LINK* *PIC*


By Lena Stevens

The main themes for November are RESOLUTION and HEALING.

You are held in an influence this month that will not let you slide back into unconsciousness about the issues you are dealing with that need to be resolved and healed. The intensity of October has lightened up a bit but you are at the point of no return with some of your personal patterns and wounds that are in front of you for looking at, coming to terms with, resolving and healing at the deepest level. There is no sweeping anything under the rug anymore. This month provides an unparalleled opportunity for being finally done with certain patterns that have plagued you perhaps your whole life. It is truly a time of forgiveness, completion, healing, transformation and moving on.

According to the Mayan calendar, we are moving into a day cycle early this month (November 3). This means that what has been actively seeking healing within you will come to the surface to be dealt with openly, compassionately, creatively and thoroughly. There is no escape from this process but the good news is that the influences are highly supportive to being able to navigate this level of resolution and deep healing. You could say that the timing is right for certain aspects to surface, and for you to have the courage to step up to the plate, to uncover, forgive, heal and move on. This is especially true in the area of relationships and the healing needed around certain relationships both current ones and ones from your past.

In this category of relationships fall the early childhood experiences that have deeply influenced how you navigate your life today. What keeps these influences in place is a basic fear of survival. Your early imprinting was designed to give you the tools for physical survival on the planet. The problem with this is that most of it no longer applies to who you are today. And yet this early childhood imprinting is still driving many of your current reactions, motivations and emotional responses. Many of you have known this and have been actively chipping away at its hold on you. This month you have the opportunity to actually get to the bottom of it and to yank it out by its roots.

What keeps these old patterns calcified in place is your resistance, blame, resentment, shame, stubbornness, martyrdom, disappointment, unwillingness to take responsibility, and lack of faith that anything can ever change. You need to start with completely accepting the concept that you created your grand plan and consciously chose every experience you had in this life. Then with the deepest level of compassion, forgive yourself for all the ways you believe you have not measured up to the task of your life. Then with the deepest level of compassion, forgive everyone else that became tangled in the great web of your grand plan for this life. Keep working towards eliminating the tendencies that keep these patterns stagnant and perpetuating.

What may come as a surprise to many of you is just how easy it is to let go and heal when you finally step off the edge and do it. You may wonder why it took you this long. Timing is everything, and the timing, the influences, the opportunity and the understanding that comes with resolution and completion are all available right now in a clearer more compassionate way than they have ever been before. This is a big boon for relationships of all kinds. In fact there will be a great desire to spend time with family members over the holidays and you may find yourselves feeling a need to heal certain issues within yourselves as a way to bring them to resolution and neutrality. Remember that you can only heal yourself, never another person. However, as older souls you have the ability to set up the stage so to speak, where healing and resolution become possible. You may also find that old relationships surface from your past. They may come into your dreams or you may come across an old correspondence or you may literally hear from them or possibly even run into them unexpectedly. Watch carefully for coincidences and take everything as a sign for further investigation. The completion/resolution theme is a strong one this month and relationships are only one area this will be evident.

Other areas that will seek resolution and completion may be regarding old habits and addictions, body image, coming to terms with aging or an illness or condition, making a choice to let go of an old dream or intention you have been identified with, or finally making a decision about something you have been indecisive about. The areas could include career, finances, investments, job, location, health and well-being, partnerships and all manner of relationships, spiritual life, responsibilities and new intentions. You may finally decide that you are never going to fix the project in the garage that has been sitting there for 10 years and let go of it. You may finally accept and come to terms your weight and body image the way it is and get rid of all those clothes that are the wrong size, or you may decide to take responsibility and do whatever it takes to change it. You may decide you will never finish the college degree or perhaps that you will. Completion is not always about finishing something. It is about finishing whatever process you are in with it. Giving half done sewing projects to Goodwill is definitely a type of completion. The healing that comes from this type of resolution is a deeper acceptance of you without the judgments and the expectations. It is time to take the "someday" out of your vocabulary and give a date and time by when you will intend to resolve or complete those unfinished things, relationships and issues.

The influences this month are more on the feminine side with the intense moving centered activity backing off and giving way to a more feeling environment. Being around water and anything that feeds and nurtures will be very helpful. Comfort foods, staying warm, being protected and part of a community are all elements that will serve you well. This is not the month to push yourself out onto a new ledge of challenge but rather to stay with what is already on your plate and to go as deeply into it as possible for the maximum resolution and healing. This in itself will take a tremendous amount of courage but the reward will be an incredible sense of freedom, abundance, creativity and personal expression.

One of the main tasks this month is to free the mind of mental worry, anxiety and stress. There is a great opportunity to actually experience how mental worry, anxiety and stress don't accomplish anything and how eliminating them will lead to higher levels of creativity and joy that will end up actually helping you to create the very things you were worried and anxious you couldn't have. To get to this point you have to literally give up. Just give it up. Give it to spirit because you can no longer figure it out. There is deep healing in just simply letting go. Life is creating itself now from a level of vibration that the mind has not yet adjusted to but is nevertheless trying to understand and control. The feminine aspect of the month supports moving away from the mind and into the heart, away from the "doings" and more towards "being". This does not mean you won't accomplish anything. This is still a very active time. It just means that the platform or foundation that supports your activities should be one of ease and flow and trust and balance.

One of the main themes of our times and one of the main tasks related to this theme is that of healing the relationship between the masculine and the feminine. For centuries in our timetable this experiment of separation has produced a tremendous wounding and imbalance between these two energies. We are just beginning to scratch the surface of this major theme and this month is a good place to start with allowing for the healing of your own wounds related to either one or both. Remember to have compassion, to come from forgiveness no matter how challenging that may be, and to stay out of the obstacles especially martyrdom, arrogance, stubbornness and impatience. Take responsibility for your own karmas, complete and resolve issues whenever possible, and allow yourself to heal at the deepest level possible. This is very much a time that supports serving yourself. Know what is yours to heal and what isn't yours to heal. Allow others to be where they are in their process. Take care of your own backyard.

How the month shows up:


"If not now, when?" should be the motto for this month. Everything you have putting off dealing with, making decisions about, cleaning up, finishing, resolving, healing or starting has a chance of moving out of its stuck imprisoned place and into resolution and freedom. You know better than anyone what the issues are that are on your plate. Some of you have already taken advantage of the intensity last month to move things in the right direction. For you this month is about allowing the healing and processing to take place around what you have already put into motion. For others of you the commitment to healing and change comes just now as you continue to get messages from spirit about what needs attention. Pay attention and notice what shows up and where your support is and for what process. You may be surprised at the ease and depth of the healing that can occur. Know when to say yes and when to say no. Say yes when you have the opportunity to resolve and heal something important. Say no when you are seduced by a distracting drama that is not yours. You can break old patterns once and for all, you can begin something new you never thought you would, you can resolve and heal an old issue you thought you would be carrying around for the rest of your life. Don't underestimate others and never make assumptions. Make your decisions based on what would resolve or heal something for you not for someone else.


This is a huge category this month as most unresolved issues or deep wounding have to do with other people. This is where the forgiveness and compassion come into play as well as the approach from the place of total responsibility for creating whatever it is that you experienced in this life. Many unresolved issues that still carry resentment, anger, blame or disappointment have to do with expectations. Expectations are a thing of the mind built on a story or a picture and they are usually not related to anything you are experiencing in the present. To be disappointed you have to have a comparison, a point of reference from the past and a judgment attached to it. In relationships you are always comparing and therefore judging and expecting. This is a good month for relationship recapitulation. You may want to make a mental list of those relationships from your past that still hold some unresolved issues for you; things you cannot let go of that are attached to an old expectation. The sooner you come into acceptance with compassion and forgiveness, you can come into resolution and healing resulting in freedom. Imagine that! Once you are free, you will stop recreating the same old thing.

The other side of this issue is to take responsibility for ways in which you have allegedly disappointed others. Ask yourself if this is their projection onto you or if you feel disappointed in yourself. If you feel disappointed in self, take responsibility and have compassion and forgiveness for yourself. Remember, another cannot heal you just as you cannot provide healing for another. You can only heal yourself. How many of you are still waiting for a father or a mother or a sister or brother or an ex lover or friend to say, "I'm sorry"? Say those words to yourself with compassion and forgiveness for creating whatever experience that caused your wound. And stop waiting for affirmation from the outside that you were right. Being "right" is really overvalued and there is no such thing anyway. Be neutral. That is the best position and the one affording the greatest power, presence and freedom. Especially practice neutrality around another's projections. Beware of being captured by any projection or judgment or label that someone else wants to put on you, positive or negative.


The environment will support the feminine quality this month, more water and earth phenomena rather than fire and air. Since the theme is about resolution and healing, there will be a renewed effort to look at what we as a planet can do to promote practices that actually have the intention to heal the earth rather than to destroy it. The truth is that the same principles of responsibility, creativity, karma and healing that apply to humans apply also to the earth. It is many of the assumptions and projections that are keeping things in a state of imbalance that could be very easily remedied with a change of attitude. Drop the shame and blame package, become responsible for your own life and the earth will go right along with the program. We are still getting lessons around staying unattached and flexible and those will continue. Be neutral around al the weather predictions you hear as they are only based on past cycles and as we know, the cycles are changing. So anything goes.


This is a month where body image can be addressed and resolved. The young soul stronghold on a media body image that has done nothing for true mental and physical health is finally beginning to crumble as individuals become more neutral and accepting of what they have created to help them achieve their personal lessons of the lifetime. As we work on the mental stress and anxiety levels through the process of acceptance and neutrality, there is more opportunity for the heart to open up and for decisions to be made from the place of intuition rather than calculation. We are a culture of compromised adrenals and overactive livers as we try and process all the mental worry, control and anxiety. We don't trust the feminine therefore our kidney chi is almost non-existent. This month provides an opportunity for an attitude adjustment that will start you seeing your body as an ally instead of a liability to your life task, karmas and lessons. The body responds to instruction and direction. If you believe that there is something lacking, your body will respond by sending you exactly what you are asking for and telling it has or does not have. The challenge then is to begin to give it different signals and direction. This is of course a big adjustment to make, as you are not used to thinking of your body in this way. But if you can start by resolving your resistances to aspects of your physical self and move towards healing your relationship with your body, you will see results.


For those of you starting new and exciting projects and partnerships, make sure you are not allowing any old patterns to influence your progress. Anything started at this time has the opportunity to take advantage of completely new energies. You can launch something from an entirely new platform, and that is very exciting indeed. You must then be disciplined not to project or have any expectations, as they will inevitably be linked to something in the past. This takes discipline and trust as this is the new model of business; allowing things to unfold without a concrete plan except for the strong intentions and motivations of the participants. We are entering into a new era where the way things are done can be quite different. Instead of looking to the outside to see where you may fit in, you are now being called upon to clarify your purpose here and set a strong intention that creates an opportunity for you to fulfill your life task. This is 180 degrees from what most of you have been taught. It will take awhile for business and projects to get to this point but at least you can begin by looking at your current involvement and making changes wherever needed and whenever possible.

For those of you feeling stagnant in your current situation you need to go back to the basic question of what do I really, really, really want to be doing right now in my life and am I doing it? And if not, why not? Remember that one of the mantras for this month is "if not now, when?"

It could be that what is keeping you stuck is something still unresolved regarding work or partnerships or your own attachments to how things should have played out. You may need to do some forgiveness work for these issues to be resolved and healed so you can move on.


Politics becomes more emotionally based. Women's issues are at the forefront as well as equal rights and prejudice. More and more we are moving toward a global community that has to begin to think on the same page. As we move more and more into the relationship stage of evolution, you will see relations between countries a high priority. Decisions and policies will be made once again on a handshake. Because of the theme of resolution and healing, look for attempts to heal certain old wounds between countries and people of different beliefs. There are less and less folks out there that want violence and strife and those intentions to substitute harmony and cooperation will someday in not too distant a future far outweigh those few who still wish to pick a fight.


November 1-7: You may feel a bit raw and uncertain, certainly reactive and sensitive. Take your alone time if you need it. Eat some comfort food. You may find yourself rebelling against responsibilities especially where others may be counting on you. This is a good time to neutrally dissect what is on your plate and discern what is yours and what isn't. You may find that there is a lot you can send right back to the projector especially if it has to do with an expectation for healing. On the other hand you will also need to really be truthful to yourself about what is your responsibility and not expect someone else to do it for you. This is the school of hard knocks and this week you could feel a bit overwhelmed with the truth of it all. Just remember that the universe never hands you more that you can handle. Beware of the tendency to try and escape through meaningless social activity, alcohol and other distractions. Pay attention to what is coming up for you to deal with and then just deal with it without drama, blame or judgment. Your inner attitude will determine how much fun, or not, you are having right now.

November 3: New Moon at 10:52 PM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time). This is a great time to honor the feminine, to go back to zero, start over, clean your slate and set your intentions. These are your intentions and not about someone else. How do YOU want to manifest, create, express and feel? You will definitely want to spend some time by yourself today connecting in with the power that you do have to intend for things to be just the way you want them. Make sure your intentions are from essence and not created by the personality or one of the obstacles such as greed.

NOTE: for you in the US remember that daylight savings time ends at midnight on November 6/7. Turn your clocks BACK one hour.

November 8-15: You may get incredibly irritated during this time as things surface that are the result of your living unconsciously and not dealing with issues that need to be resolved and healed. Take the bull by the horns and just do it. Communicate, clear the air, get help with addictions, clean out your clutter, let go of attachments, apologize, forgive, cry, give up, give over to spirit, ask for help, turn to nature as a healer, have compassion, lift your spirits with the incredible beauty around you, have gratitude.

November 16-22: A weepy, emotional, feminine but higher centered time where the deepest of healing is possible. Stay with it and go for it. Shut your mind up especially when it comments about how devastating it will be to try and heal something that is incredibly sensitive or dark or secretive or wounded. The mind does not know everything especially in this arena. You will need to trust and have faith in spirit that the synchronistic events are there for a reason. You may also see in this time period a great ability to manifest simply by just a thought. Ask and you shall receive but be careful what you ask for. If it comes to you in a challenging way, deal with it from a place of humor. In fact humor will be essential during this time. It raises the level of vibration and will keep you from spiraling into some dark hole and succumbing to your obstacle.

November 21: Full Moon is at 10:28 AM MST (Mountain Standard Time) This is definitely a time of gratitude and healing. Take an inventory of what needs healing in your life, and anything that feels stuck or calcified or old. It is not so much what you decide to do with these issues at this point but rather in setting the intention that things should be different for you. This is a big start in the process of change. The gratitude piece will set the right kind of energy to manifest what it is you are asking for.

November 23-30: A time of amazing healing and resolution that brings with it a higher centered experience. Gratitude, gratitude and more gratitude (we realize it is Thanksgiving). Many of you will be with loved ones and perhaps in a very new way of relating to them, with intention to heal and resolve what has not been able to be healed and resolved in the past. Remember that you are probably the older soul here and it is up to you to be the first to lead the way in letting it go, in forgiveness and using compassion, acceptance and neutrality. If not now, when?

Have a great month!


Lena Stevens




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