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A dumb attempt to weaken the Shanghai Cooperation before third Dien Bien Phu starts? Besides. NATO = 100% Pentagon Front.

Battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954

20 years later in 1974:
Kind of Second Dien Bien Phu was guided by chosen top traitor and double-citizen war criminal Henry KiSSinger way back then in 1974, remember?

36 years later in 2010?
Probably the early start of the next long end, Dien Bien Phu style.

As to the press fuss:

Yet another piece of shadow-boxing in the public Punch & Judy shows?

China is Germany's best scholar. They learnt essentials from German history.
Mao Tse Tung already claimed in 1967 that China could stand a war against a coalition of Russia and USA. Even after a nuclear assault China would have the capability to send millions of well trained troops to defeat the enemy.
Chinese people have the highest average IQ level in one strong gene pool.
Modern China is a resurrection of broken 19th century Bismarck Germany.

Compare this to the failed multiculti melting pot of the USA and its fluorided mercenaries. China won't bow down to the treacherous FED lackeys.

What's the real reason why western forces try to get a stronghold in the high plains of Afghanistan? Drugs? Muslims? Iran? Hidden UFO bases?

My guess: Northern Afghanistan is strategically the narrow gateway
where Chinese (dragon) troops would creep through on their way to
mangle the three heads (of the venomous rattle snake) in JeruSalem.

As foretold by an Israeli Armageddon author in the 19-7ties.
(I have the paper pack somewhere, the title is "Israel in Prophecies").

Just to grant a look over the edge of the daily mumbo-jumbo dispensations.

Remember China's great display of power and talent in 8-8-8?

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NATO Invites Russia To Join Afghan Fray -- Does This Signal the Future Withdrawal of the U.S. from NATO? *PIC*
A dumb attempt to weaken the Shanghai Cooperation before third Dien Bien Phu starts? Besides. NATO = 100% Pentagon Front.
Or maybe Brzezinski wants to ensnare both Russia & U.S. in Afghanistan abyss to clear the "Silk Road" for China who helps Iran against Israel?
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