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Randy Quaid unedited Without the media filter *LINK*

Without the media filter


Not sure how long this will stay online.

The attorneys Quaid is challenging and naming by name probably have a direct line to the YouTube legal department (many versions of this clip have already been taken down.)

Quaid and his wife are accused of two crimes:

1. Skipping out on an unpaid hotel bill
2. Living in a house that used to be theirs without the agreement of the owner

Quaid has plenty of money so neither of these crimes makes much sense. It would, however, be relatively easy to frame someone with charges like these.

Quaid is naming names.

It is implausible that attorneys, banks and other crooks would get together for the purposes of defrauding artists with significant assets and complex financial lives?

Remember, we're talking abut Hollywood and the entertainment industry, the slime bucket of the universe.


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Michael Jackson among the victims to mention also, not? "Illuminati" the code to hide a tight meshwork of criminals? Who really rules uptown Hollywood? Why fled 'Angelina Jolie' to Hungary? *NM*
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thanks for the 'broad' hint :D *NM*
In contact with a few like Britney, and Michael Jackson's childrens mother Paula... *PIC*
oops wrong photo *NM* *PIC*
Randy Quaid unedited Without the media filter *LINK*
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