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NATO Invites Russia To Join Afghan Fray -- Does This Signal the Future Withdrawal of the U.S. from NATO? *PIC*

Maybe the U.S. should break all ties with NATO and let the globalist chips fall where they may. It seems the socialistic Europeans would welcome a Russian-led NATO to replace the United States. Of course it would be a deliberate pitting of the U.S. against Russia AND Europe, but why not make it official?  At least there would be some honesty in that.  Since NATO doesn't seem able to stand on its own two feet militarily, I'm sure the European PTB would find it "necessary" to fill in the vacuum left by a U.S. withdrawal & Russia could fill the bill quite nicely.  How about a U.S. withdrawal from the UN and send it packin' to Europe where IT belongs?  There's also another sinister possibility for this latest military/chess maneuver, which I won't mention here, but as for the Bush/Cheney Cabal & their European Masters...let them eat consecrated yellowcake...

NATO Invites Russia To Join Afghan Fray


North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) officials have revealed their proposal with Moscow regarding a vastly stepped up Russian involvement in the Afghan war is in the final stages of negotiation and they are hopeful of formal agreement being reached at the alliance's two-day summit in Lisbon from November 19.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has announced his acceptance of the NATO invitation to attend the Lisbon summit, where he also scheduled to have a two-hour meeting with United States President Barack Obama. Aside Afghanistan, Medvedev's agenda includes Iran, a Russian proposal on a European security architecture and NATO's offer to cooperate with Russia on its missile defense system (which it is linking up with the US's)...

But the geopolitics of NATO-Russia tie-up isolates China and Iran. Conceivably, the US is pursuing this tie-up as a matter of regional policy. According to NATO officials, a separate agreement on limited Russian cooperation with NATO's European missile defense plans is also in prospect at the Lisbon summit, which is a symbolic demonstration of a security matrix struggling to be born...



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NATO Invites Russia To Join Afghan Fray -- Does This Signal the Future Withdrawal of the U.S. from NATO? *PIC*
A dumb attempt to weaken the Shanghai Cooperation before third Dien Bien Phu starts? Besides. NATO = 100% Pentagon Front.
Or maybe Brzezinski wants to ensnare both Russia & U.S. in Afghanistan abyss to clear the "Silk Road" for China who helps Iran against Israel?
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