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A Comment from a YouTuber found at WRH *LINK*

1)Why the FUCK is a private institution with no elected leaders the most powerful and influential institute in our country? 2)Why the FUCK can't our gov audit said institution? 3)Why the FUCK can't I find a list of owners and investors in this private institution? 4)Why the FUCK do we borrow our own money at interest from a private bank instead of just printing´╗┐ it ourselves? 5)and most importantly, WHY THE FUCK DOESN'T OUR WHOLE COUNTRY KNOW ABOUT THIS AND WHY AREN'T WE SHOUTING FOR IT TO END?

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Alan Grayson (High Quality Version): Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve? *LINK* *PIC*
A Comment from a YouTuber found at WRH *LINK*
reply4 reader: cuz IF SO the global crime syndicate phantasizes in protocols to declare war on rebellious (US American) people and sent troops from abroad - as done to GE 2 times & in prep 4 USA *NM*
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