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OPERATION TERRA: News and Updates 10-30-10 *LINK* *PIC*
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October 30, 2010

The late Terence McKenna’s legacy to us was his discovery of the fractal nature of time. He and his associates were able to distill this into the mathematics that could trace events within time as a wave that oscillated between periods of “habit” and periods of “novelty.” The mathematics were put into a computer program that came to be called Timewave Zero. Graphs generated by the computer program show regular oscillations between times of habit (business as usual) and times of novelty (changes in habit). It doesn’t seem to matter what period of time is looked at. The fractal nature of time is still present and revealed.

The timewave for our present reality reveals a point of maximum novelty that occurs toward the end of 2012. However, due to the fractal nature of time, the closer we get to the end of that wave, the more “revisiting” occurs of prior historical periods, such that the rate of the cycles of change appears to become shorter and shorter. McKenna felt that at the end of the timewave, there would be an explosion into an infinite potential for novelty, and he was at a loss to describe what would happen after that. The Hosts have told us we are approaching the end of an entire cycle of Creation, after which an entirely new Creation will come forth.

This phenomenon of increasing rapidity in the cycles of human experience had also been observed by the late Ian Xel Lungold. Lungold adopted an interpretation of the Mayan Long Count that shows that the same amount of change occurs over shorter and shorter periods of time as we move forward through the various divisions and levels of the count. He felt that the Mayan count traced movements into higher levels of consciousness. Both McKenna and Lungold expected a major shift in both the consciousness and the intensity of the human experience, and both were describing a fractal relationship to time, but measuring it slightly differently.

Fractals are also mentioned in the Messages that make up the foundational information for Operation Terra. The Hosts speak of fractals and iterations, decision points and logic branches as part of the way the manifest portion of reality operates. Regardless of which system you use, or how you choose to interpret these systems, one thing becomes quite clear: we have reached a point in the overall process in which the amount of change is going to accelerate tremendously and most of us are going to experience this while we are still in our physical bodies. It is because of this that I felt it was time to reactivate the mailing list and put out news and updates again. (Changes have been occurring steadily within Operation Terra, too, and I hope to provide what information I can about that also.)

Because of the repetitiveness of the cycles contained in a fractal, experiences and information from the past is also relevant to the present and future, as we experience them in linear time. This is also true of the content of the Messages, parts of which are even more relevant to us today than they were when they were first received and communicated. There has been more than one incidence of a “booster rocket” occurring and now the words spoken by the Hosts on September 8, 2001 are going to be revisited also:

“Today we would like to talk to you about some of the things that are about to begin showing up on your perceptual screen. We would remind you to keep your breath open, as some of the things we will be talking about may cause some temporary discomfort to contemplate. We would prefer to not ever cause you any discomfort, but sometimes during a birth, there is some pain and pressure, and the more you can simply accept the process—in all of its aspects—the easier the process will go for you.

That being said, you—as a planetary population—are about to enter a time of deepening strife and travail. There is safe haven within yourself, no matter where you are located on the planetary surface, and we are close at hand, guiding and protecting and showering our love and grace over you. Whatever we may say here, whatever your eyes may see as you look around you, please remember that. If you feel yourself being overwhelmed by anything, just close your eyes for a moment, deepen your breathing, and come into your center. Feel the ground beneath your feet and remain rooted there until you are calm and serene in the midst of everything.”

timewave for 2010

The timewave model for 2010 indicates a dramatic tipping point occurring in November that lasts until January 18, 2011. The actual date given is November 14, but someone did an analysis of the accuracy of prior occurrences and found that the precision of the date is somewhat variable, being precisely accurate to the actual date only 67% of the time (plus or minus up to 20 days, either way). HIgher values represent greater "habit"; lower values represent greater "novelty" or change.

For the past several years, another project, conducted by other individuals, has been sampling the emotional content of things being said on the Internet and found that people have a tendency to sense approaching events and talk about them without necessarily being aware of what they are picking up on. Their data has identified a tipping point estimated to occur around November 8-11 the aftermath of which to last until early in February, 2011, which generally agrees with what the timewave model shows. The above passage I have quoted from the Messages would be good to keep in mind, because a number of us are feeling the approach of massive changes and this is good advice in terms of what we feel is coming and how best to navigate these changes with the greatest ease.

In terms of Operation Terra, the changes that have occurred have already been enormous, at least from my perspective. There have been rearrangements of many kinds and many find themselves having a very different understanding of who they are and what they are here to do than they originally thought, myself included. Back in May of 2009, the Hosts indicated that the process had become so unique to each individual, they could no longer put out messages that would be generally applicable and they stopped giving me messages of a public nature. They are still very much with me and others are also in communication with them or feel their presence. In addition, yet other people were apparently handed off to other teams for guidance, but I feel comfortable in saying that each of us has our own team and are being watched over and supported constantly, and that the scope of Operation Terra is much larger and broader than I originally thought.

The process is unique to each person, but Operation Terra overall is still very much on track. Some people, including me, are experiencing energies being moved through their bodies day and night, which often shake loose various clearings that are not pleasant to go through. It is my understanding that this is the “sonic cleaning” referred to in the Messages, and that it is being done to remove the “shadows” left by the interlopers and to repair the “dropped connections” that keep us from experiencing full connection with Source. The Hosts have told me that I am heading toward a full merger with the totality of my being (what we are now calling “full connection” instead of “full consciousness,” although they still represent the same condition). Others appear to not be feeling anything like this at this time, but I am certain everyone is on track within the script for their life and everyone is going to get to where they are going, according to what their Oversoul has written for them to experience. We are not the authors of our life; our Oversoul is. Ultimately there is only the Creator, experiencing Itself through Its creations, and surrender is still the way through.

I have reactivated the OT mailing list, posted my e-mail and postal mail contact information, and am putting out this update. Anything much further than that will have to wait for the completion of my personal process in terms of attaining full connection before I will know what else to do. I don’t know how available I will be, for how long, or what specific form my service will take. The Hosts have given me some indications, but nothing very specific in terms of the timing. Since I have learned over time that, by the time it arrives, NOTHING has ever looked like or taken the form that I though it would, I am waiting for clarity on the rest of this before saying anything more.

If I feel another update is needed, I will put one out, but for now know that we appear to be on the threshold of a time of great change and one that will be far more intense than anything we have experienced before. Remember to detach from the drama, and don’t get caught up in the finger-pointing, polarization, or fear that is likely to occur. Remember that all of this was written to take place billions of years ago and it all needs to happen now so that this cycle can complete and create the space for an entirely new cycle of Creation. There is nothing to stop and nothing to fix. Everything is exactly the way it was created to be, whether we like the form it takes or not. This would be a very good time to read or re-read the Message, “Calm, Grounded and Centered.” It also provides a lot of guidance for getting through the time that are just ahead.

Much love,

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Clif High's Chart analysis of this time from the web bot project:



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