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Nanoparticle Chemtrail Webs and U.N BAN on Geoengineering...WTF? *LINK* *PIC*

Note from Zany:

Again, these articles and pictures are both from James Gilliland's \group, ECETI today.   The link below speaks for itself.  The post about the U.N. banning geo-engineering sounds like good news, but frankly I don't think the U.N. has any TEETH.  Also, we KNOW how the elite works:  they CREATE wars, death, destruction and problems... then magically come up with a solution.   In this case, it would be the United Nations becoming a World Governance Organization.  Next, they'll suggest a World Military run by the U.N.  Next... you see what I mean.  There is no end to THEIR "shenanigans", and I don't trust ANYTHING "out there" at this point, until "they" are ALL REMOVED OR DEAD.  Lest I end up on a "terror list", when I say DEAD I'm talking about "natural or Divine causes", not violence - and certainly no violence on MY part! 
Evil is as Evil does...
As for chemtrails, I'll believe there is progress in this area when I STOP SEEING chemtrails, and stop HEARING about them!   Nonetheless, with so much attention being focused on them by the new movie, "What in the World are they Spraying?", and other seriously concerned groups and individuals around the world, this illegal and dangerous operation should come under a great deal of scrutiny... i.e., light! 
Remember, "they" also get us to look in one direction at a time, then they throw a big MONKEY WRENCH
somewhere else, or many places simultaneously.   We MUST BE PRESENT TO THEIR GAMES AND ON OUR TOES!

Chemtrail Webs

This is the web (left) that fell from the sky on 09/27/10. It is a man-made, nano-structure, full of Morgellons fibers. People need to be aware that in 1982 a patent was registered that could change cloud precipitation using DMSO. DMSO is a carrier which allows any substance which follows to enter the human cell. This is the reason some people with Morgellons have insect parts in their bodies. If an insect bites or even lands on a person who has recently been in contact with DMSO, then some DNA of that insect will enter the cellular structure and mutate. 

The second photo (right) shows a piece of Nebraska chem web sample cultured differently than the first. You can see the fibers gradually growing and emerging. These are all nano-sized and not visible to the human eye.



Great news: UN Agrees Moratorium on Geoengineering Experiments! !  IS IT???  QUESTION EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

News Release

29 October 2010

www.etcgroup. org

http://www.handsoff motherearth. org/2010/ 10/great- news-un-agrees- moratorium- on-geoengineerin g-experiments/

Geoengineering Moratorium at UN Ministerial in Japan

Risky Climate Techno-fixes Blocked

NAGOYA, Japan- In a landmark consensus decision, the 193-member UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) will close its tenth biennial meeting with a de facto moratorium on geoengineering projects and experiments. "Any private or public experimentation or adventurism intended to manipulate the planetary thermostat will be in violation of this carefully crafted UN consensus,"& #711;stated Silvia Ribeiro, Latin American Director of ETC Group.

The agreement, reached during the ministerial portion of the two-week meeting which included 110 environment ministers, asks governments to ensure that no geoengineering activities take place until risks to the environmental and biodiversity and associated social, cultural and economic impacts risks have been appropriately considered as well as the socio-economic impacts. The CBD secretariat was also instructed to report back on various geoengineering proposals and potential intergovernmental regulatory measures.

The unusually strong consensus decision builds on the 2008 moratorium on ocean fertilization. That agreement, negotiated at COP 9 in Bonn, put the brakes on a litany of failed ╲experiments╡ ˆ both public and private ˆ to sequester atmospheric carbon dioxide in the oceansâ•˙ depths by spreading nutrients on the sea surface. Since then, attention has turned to a range of futuristic proposals to block a percentage of solar radiation via large-scale interventions in the atmosphere, stratosphere and outer space that would alter global temperatures and precipitation patterns.

"This decision clearly places the governance of geoengineering in the United Nations where it belongs,╡ said ETC Group Executive Director Pat Mooney. "This decision is a victory for common sense, and for precaution. It will not inhibit legitimate scientific research.

Decisions on geoengineering cannot be made by small groups of scientists from a small group of countries that establish self-serving "voluntary guidelines" on climate hacking. What little credibility such efforts may have had in some policy circles in the global North has been shattered by this decision. The UK Royal Society and its partners should cancel their Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative and respect that the world's governments have collectively decided that future deliberations on geoengineering should take place in the UN, where all countries have a seat at the table and where civil society can watch and influence what they are doing."ˇ

Delegates in Nagoya have now clearly understood the potential threat that deployment ˆ or even field testing ˆ of geoengineering technologies poses to the protection of biodiversity. The decision was hammered out in long and difficult late night sessions of a "Friends of the chair" group, attended by ETC Group, and adopted by the Working Group 1 Plenary on 27 October 2010. The Chair of the climate and biodiversity negotiations called the final text "highly delicate compromise." ˇ All that remains to do now is gavel it through in the final plenary at 6 PM Friday (Nagoya time).

"The decision is not perfect,"ˇ said Neth Dano of ETC Group Philippines. "Some delegations are understandably concerned that the interim definition of geoengineering is too narrow because it does not include Carbon Capture and Storage technologies. Before the next CBD meeting, there will be ample opportunity to consider these questions in more detail. But climate techno-fixes are now firmly on the UN agenda and will lead to important debates as the 20th anniversary of the Earth Summit approaches. A change of course is essential, and geoengineering is clearly not the way forward."



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