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Re: Scientists Find HUYA Gene! and its cousin Gene... *PIC*

Many have a COMPULSION to wear SUITS all their lives... this is now being attributed to the HUYA gene, and its called HUYAS.  This is particularly dominant in CEOs, corporate types, manipulators, liars, theives, murderers and politicians.  Oddly, those with this gene activated have a tendency to global leadership and a daunting charm known as "Two Faced" people.  (Lie to your face types to get whatever they want and damn the consequences...)


Head Up Your Ass Suited:



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Scientists Find 'Liberal Gene'...WOW...A Built-In Excuse for Everything -- Now THAT'S Exciting!! *PIC*
Scientists Find HUYA Gene! *PIC*
Re: Scientists Find HUYA Gene! and its cousin Gene... *PIC*
I think it'll be the ETs who Disclose THAT gene. ;) *NM*
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