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Found the clip rather interesting ....

Passed the link around for the fun of it, and here is a response:

"Jason thinks she's an alien cyborg werewolf troll from the future. He
also says she's not a time traveler because if so she would have gone
back in time and fixed her mistake of being caught on film.

Jan thinks she's a psychic from the 20's who just PRETENDING to use a
cell phone because she knows people will use them in the future.

I don't know what to think, but I can tell you this - Jason and I have a
1 to 10 scale of eccentricity which we use to rate strangers in public,
actors, people in the news - whoever, and from the looks of it she could
be a genuine 10 - very rare."

He he - guess we'll never know

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Chaplins Time Traveler (Say WHAT!?) *LINK* *PIC*
Found the clip rather interesting ....
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