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Truth I hope, but will TPTB allow it to happen?...
In Response To: “Building what?” *LINK* ()

Looks like Building 7 holds all the Secrets as to WHY 9/11 was carried out and WHO the Masterminds were behind it.  Remember the Oklahoma City Bombing?  All the Documentation to the Crimes of the Clintons was stored in that building and who knows what other Evidence to Whose Crimes?  Israeli author and lecturer, Barry Chamish, KNOWS the real terrorists who took down the WTC were NOT Muslims, plus he KNOWS there IS an Israeli connection, but that doesn't seem to be where it ends...even though that's probably where we'll be led.  Just think of it -- if Israel could be TOTALLY Blamed for "9/11" while our own "elected" traitors once again get off scot-free -- what a coup for Propaganda Doo...


by Barry Chamish


To those patriots who are fighting the Ground Zero mosque, the Muslims have the pat moral hand and you are just blindly doing the filthiest political work there is: GIVING AID AND SUCCOR TO THE REAL TERRORISTS.


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“Building what?” *LINK*
Truth I hope, but will TPTB allow it to happen?...
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