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Will He Need Al Gore's Permission? :D

It's my understanding that the Internet was created by DARPA for the Pentagon which has the ultimate control over the Internet.  Joe Lieberman, typical Congressional Clown, shows himself to be just another opportunistic, bootlicking little weasel who knows which side his bread is buttered on and will do whatever he's told in order to hang onto his cushy little seat in Congress.  It seems obvious to me that he's just another one of *their* traitorous little Jew-Boys who shows no patriotic allegiance to either the U.S. OR Israel which makes him the perfect pawn to introduce such an idiotic bill, which only serves to bring further condemnation of the Jews in general and to make the Obama look even more like a Dictator.  They're ALL pawns of the Pentagon which serves a FOREIGN Power and when THEY get ready for another major "9/11" type of attack to blame on some "extremists" or "rogue nation", THEN we may see disruptions of Internet service to the public sector and NOT by some phony Jew-Boy "Kill Switch" handed over to the Obama...but that's just my personal opinion...  :)


Who Invented the Internet?


Kill the ‘Kill Switch’


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Guess Who Wants to Kill the Internet? *LINK* *PIC*
Will He Need Al Gore's Permission? :D
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