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social parasitism seems not to be a scientific subject yet *PIC*

Parasite means 'para site' that is 'instead of' or 'in place of'.
In place of what?
Nature has a great variety of wormlike creatures.
Some are beneficial, some are 'symbionts' that is 'mutually helpful' and the bad ones are genuine hostile parasites who take over control of the whole organism, suck off the life force and weaken their host to death. Before the befallen organism is dead and worthless the true parasites multiply and seek to infiltrate another organism to start a new parasitic life-cycle. It all starts with camouflage, stealth, sneaking in, weakening, poisoning and killing silently the cells of the infected body.

Parasitology is the most fascinating but also frightening part of bio sciences.

If you have studied parasitology within biology you could move further to anthropology and then scrutinize the tales of human history and social sciences with the looking glasses of a parasitologist. And then you might ask yourself:

Why do certain people roam the countries of this planet, changing and adapting family names almost every generation, adopting names that give a false impression as to where they came from or have lived before?
Why do these 'chameleon people' change their publicly shown religious beliefs and adherence to social groups more often than others?
Why do these 'chameleons' always try to occupy the key positions in an invaded country? What do these chameleons do once they have gotten 'in place of' into a ruling position they do honestly not belong to because they aren't a benevolant useful member of and to this social organism but of a specially organized life form of their own?

Parasitic life forms can be found at every level, even in the universe of stars and milky ways.

What does a cuckoo do?

The cuckoo lays his egg into an alien nest.
The breeding is done by the victimized host.
When all the biddies broke and left their egg, the stronger cuckoo biddie throws out and thus kills all of its rivals that is the children of his victimized host. The host birds are tricked into believing it's their own rightful child - although a little bit bigger - and feed the parasitic cuckoo bird as if it was their own.

Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo ...

Just one example
among many others
on all levels of life forms.

Is the so called People's Republic of China infected by parasites who pretend under the disguise of Communism to work for the nation and its people whereas in reality these communists only use the country and its human resources as a weapon to weaken and finally conquer the whole world?

What is China? Communistic? Capitalistic?
Nationalistic? Or Supra-Nationalistic?

Who made China a Superpower
and who benefits from the rise of this dragon?

The cuckoo sings so nicely,
doesn't it? It calls US from the woods.

What a wonderful bird!

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EXACTLY our point all along........ Parasites are ultimately not family oriented. *LINK*
social parasitism seems not to be a scientific subject yet *PIC*
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