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Earth Changes Media by Mitch Battros: Lions, Tigers and Bears - Oh MY! *PIC*

by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

A geomagnetic storm set off on October 23rd. A solar storms effect to Earth takes 48 to 72 hours to manifest. Today's breaking news hits dead-on within the Sun-Earth connection and its causal effect with Earth's weather.

A 7.5-magnitude earthquake has hit off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, and a local tsunami watch has been issued, monitoring agencies said Monday. The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake struck about 240 kilometers from Padang, Sumatra, at about 10:42 a.m. ET.

The quake occurred at a depth of about 14.2 kilometers, the USGS said in a statement. There were no immediate reports of injuries or fatalities.

Thousands Flee Ahead Of Expected Eruption Of Indonesian Volcano

Java, Indonesia - Indonesia has called on everyone living within a 10-kilometer (six miles) zone around the vicinity of Gunung Merapi, the world's most active volcano, to evacuate immediately because the volcano may erupt at anytime.

The country's volcano center issued the alert level at 6 a.m. local time Monday, after the center detected an increase in the frequency of multiphase quakes. Some 500 volcanic earthquakes were detected and recorded on the mountain during the weekend.

Hurricane Richard Bears Down On Belize

CANCUN, Mexico - Hurricane Richard bore down Sunday on Belize and Mexico's Yucatan peninsula, threatening low-lying coastal areas with high winds, potentially deadly flooding and storm surges, weather authorities said.

The 17th named storm of the season, Richard reached hurricane strength earlier in the day and was expected to strengthen further before slamming across Belize, on Central America's Caribbean coast.

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Earth Changes Media by Mitch Battros: Lions, Tigers and Bears - Oh MY! *PIC*
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