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Sunspot group 1117 continues to grow, more than doubling *LINK* *PIC*

ELECTRIC POWER IN PERIL? Modern power grids are increasingly vulnerable to strong solar storms. A new NASA project named "Solar Shield," however, could help keep the lights on. Get the full story from Science@NASA. BIG SUNSPOT: Sunspot group 1117 continues to grow, more than doubling in area during the past 48 hours: movie. Each of the primary dark cores in this Oct. 26th snapshot from the Solar Dynamics Observatory is fully as wide as Earth: The sunspot's magnetic field is crackling with B- and C-class solar flares: 36-hour movie. So far, these impulsive eruptions have not hurled any substantial clouds toward Earth. A big flare would be geoeffective, however, because the sunspot is almost-squarely facing Earth. Stay tuned!

NOTE:  Clif's recent web bot report states that it's possible a huge solar flare (EMP) will erupt on October 27th, which is tomorrow:  Wednesday.

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