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Another Charlie Chaplin Copy posing as World Emperor? How funny! Cha cha - cha, ole!

Wishful thinking stuck off-road?

Double-V is V + top-down V = X

Great Dictator Imitation of XCross-XCross
displaying Victory sign like British ChurchIll?

double-Xcross on upper left arm

compared to

Presidential Nominee
Sasha Baren Cohen
(like boring)

double-Xcross symbol in background top left

to double-cross


To break a promise in a way that harms the person with whom the deal was originally struck. To double-cross is to back-stab and to two-time. Also, double-crossing can be merely 'ratting' someone out.


to cheat or betray
the act or an instance of double-crossing; betrayal


A deliberate betrayal; violation of a promise or obligation, as in They had planned a double cross, intending to keep all of the money for themselves. This usage broadens the term's earlier sense in sports gambling, where it alluded to the duplicity of a contestant who breaks his word after illicitly promising to lose. Both usages gave rise to the verb double-cross.

Makes one ask who double-crossed whom in history
and tries again in present time to re-run a winning horse?

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Saudis & Egyptians Gearing for Iranian Threat as Power Shifts in Iran *PIC*
Another Charlie Chaplin Copy posing as World Emperor? How funny! Cha cha - cha, ole!
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