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How to Open the Third Eye *PIC*

Prepare To Open Your Third Eye

Release any blockages you may have. Emotions like anxiety, fear and insecurity are blocks that will prevent you from opening your third eye.

Visualize your chakras. The chakras are energy centers, seven spinning wheels, in the energy field surrounding the body. When you can visualize and clear your chakras it becomes easier to open your third eye. Read "Chakra Clearing" by Doreen Virtue to learn more (see Resources below).

Begin to meditate. Meditation helps to focus and relax the mind. You will need to clear your mind of chatter in order to receive clear impressions from the third eye.

Practice Exercises To Open Your Third Eye

Brow Chakra

Third Eye Opener: Peganum Harmala
Chakra Six - Exploring the Major Chakras

wapedia: Harmal (Peganum harmala)
is a plant of the family Nitrariaceae, Magnoliophyta

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Opening the 3rd eye is a major step in consciousness. *PIC*
Re: Opening the 3rd eye is a major step in consciousness.
How to Open the Third Eye *PIC*
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