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Kogis in Ontario and Quebec next week

this is in pdf format so I will do my best to cut and paste here.

Association Tchendukua Canada - Ici et Ailleurs invites you to
a screening of the documentary film by Eric JULIEN,

« Kogi Words, MESSAGE FROM THE LAST MEN » (52’’)
Produced by Gédéon Programmes, Artic Production, France 5, Planete :

- Toronto – Wednesday, October 20 at 6:40 and 9:10 pm (2 screenings)
McLeod Auditorium, Medical Sciences Building, 1 King's College Circle

- Peterborough Trent University– Thursday, October 21 at 7:00pm
Room to be announced. Contact Aboriginal Studies Program

- Ottawa – Tuesday, October 26 at 7:30pm
Ottawa University – Alumni Auditorium, University Centre, 85 University St.

- Montréal – Wednesday, October 27 – Thursday, October 28 at 7:30pm
Collège Notre-Dame, 3791, Queen Mary St. – Accross from Oratoire St-Joseph - parking

- Québec – Friday, October 29 at 7:30pm
Université Laval - Salle Hydro-Québec est : Local 2530, Pavillon Desjardins, 2325 rue de l’Université
In French with English subtitles

A discussion with the director and 3 Kogis Mamus, on the theme Awakening Memory will follow.

” I am convinced that our future lies in our
modern societies’ capacity to revive the
fundamental principles of indigenous societies.
Then, maybe we will be able to give birth to an
ecomodernity that will enable us to be

human together? “Eric JULIEN, President
of Tchendukua-Ici et Ailleurs.

KOGI WORDS, Message from the last men is not so much
about the Kogi Indians, their thought, their way of life, as about
a boundary between two worlds. That of a thousand-year-old
tradition, based on an intimate relationship to Life and our
modern society; constantly accelerating, efficient and all
encompassing. We discover the existence of societies without
poor, where solidarity is a shared, living reality, and whose
purpose is maintaining balance. Balance of the Self, between
the Self and others and between the Self and the World.
Societies that struggle toe to toe to maintain their memory,
“because memory” they say: “is like the eyes which were made
to see, if it is lost, all becomes dark.”
Filmed at the Kogis’ request, over a period of over 15 months,
this documentary film lets the representatives of this pre-
Colombian society speak; both ancient and strikingly modern in
the way in which it faces the great paradoxes of our times.
Rare, pristine footage, confronts us to the paradoxes and dark
areas of our modern society. From the heights of the Sierra
Nevada in Colombia, to the Louvre Museum in Paris, where
three Kogis discover a rare gem from their ancestors, the
Tayronas, this film invites us on a stunning journey in which this
community’s tradition pushes us to question our own modernity.


One-day Workshop – Deeper into the Kogi Universe
Saturday, October 30
Laurentian Mountains of Quebec 9h30 — 16h30 In French and English (Awakening Memory)
With 3 Kogi Mamus and Eric Julien Limited registration, contact Asalla at
This one-day workshop, on October 30th is a more intimate exchange with the Kogi Mamus and their
interpreter, Eric Julien.
There will be a suggested admission for the workshop

Greetings to all
We are very happy to invite you to meet with the Kogi Mamus who have come to exchange and share; to help us
awaken memory, our memory, our nature.
Their request for travel visas were twice refused in 5 months, so please forgive our silence, it was necessary to “go
inside” in silence, to maintain the inner vision and cross the hurdles.
Please receive all our gratitude for all the help and donations received before the Kogis arrival. They served to pay
for the Kogis’ airfare. A suggested admission fee to the public meetings and the workshop will serve to help buy
back and recover Kogis ancestral lands and sacred sites to help rekindle memory and maintain the balance of the
May Memory be alive in all
Asalla et Luc St-Laurent
Association Tchendukua Canada

These meetings with the Kogis are a unique opportunity to “rethink” the World together.
Tchendukua… where thought converges …
In Kogi Words
If we know the past, we can live well in the present and prepare the future. The little brothers think we cannot write;
the little brothers have books and maps. We have no paper; we work with the heart and the soul. These thoughts are
more alive, more real than what is on your paper. That is how we live, that is how we will continue to live. All
forms have a father and a mother. Each family has its responsibility, with its own language and culture. We are all
brothers, but we have different languages and we work differently. We must learn not to fight and argue over these
different forms, but to take advantage of what the Sierra , Nature has left us.
Each of us has a territory, a piece of land where they can live well; each with their own way of doing, of talking…
living together. We are all sons and daughters of the same mother, the same father. The little brothers have forgotten
their work, the responsibilities, that their mother gave them. They look only for money to live well… they have to
recover the memory of what they need to do. All that, is written on our maps. They give us all the details as to what
we need to do to respect life, to live well, to respect the rivers, the plants, the trees, the forests and live well
together. We won’t fight, we cannot fight over what the Mother has bequeathed us. We must learn to respect Her
and live together in respect of the Mother. Each community, each family is responsible for a part of the territory.
Each family must do what is necessary, the offerings needed. For that, we need memory. The maps help us…”

“It is up to each of us to search in our memory to find who they are and what they must do. We still have the
memory to start the journey.”
Miguel DINGULA. Mamu

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