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An IMF Head From China? *LINK*

An IMF Head From China?


Although most of the recent IMF/World Bank meeting in Washington focused on the uncertain worldwide economy, there was another, behind-the-scenes story simmering at the conclave that could have a major impact on the international scene: the growing calls by the economic leaders of emerging nations for the next International Monetary Fund managing director to be a non-European and possibly, to come from the ranks of the emerging nations themselves.

A number of the participants from more than 180 member nations of the IMF were not shy about saying they would not mind if the next head of the monetary colossus came from Communist China.

"Yes, yes, one of our [Africa's] main partners is China," Therno Bocar Tall, director general of the African Biofuel and Renewable Company of Togo, told HUMAN EVENTS between sessions this weekend.

Emphasizing that "all the forecasts on emerging markets are in Africa," Mr. Tall noted that there is a "new climate of change for Africa" and that an IMF managing director from China would be helpful to developing African nations.

He added that "Everybody wants to have links with China."

The high profile at the session evinced by People's Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaocuan fueled speculation that he might be a candidate for IMF managing director when and if current director Dominique Strauss-Kahn steps down...


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