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Speaking for myself ONLY...

I personally don't believe there is such a thing as a totally "safe" website on the Internet. When you click onto ANY website -- "you takes yer chances".  You give the impression that ONLY Jewish/Israeli websites are "suspicious agit-prop dis-info websites", such as debka & memri. According to YOU, if it's Jewish or Israeli in origin -- then it's run by Mossad and cause for suspicion and better to either stay away from it or arm your computer to the teeth.  Personally I see your "warning" as being UNFAIR and a poorly disguised attempt to DISCOURAGE people from reading or hearing ANYTHING from a Jewish or Israeli perspective.  Do you really want people to believe that all websites which originate in the EU, the U.S., Russia, China or the Muslim countries are all SAFE to visit?  Thanks to a wonderful "security" system I once had on my computer, I received a nice little Trojan from CHINA and it's still there probably along with a host of other little nasty bugs from around the world and they can spy on me all they want -- I simply don't care anymore.  I say there is NO "safe" place on the Internet and to smear ONE group of people as the only ones to be suspicious of is -- IMO -- ridiculous, so I'll take your "advice" with a barrel of salt.      

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before visiting suspicious agit-prop dis-info websites better be sure to
Good to know!! thanks for the tips!! *NM*
Well, geez, maybe we should disable our computers & throw 'em in the garbage...otherwise we might pick up a bad bug and fly into a ... :D *PIC*
Or worse yet ... :D *PIC*
FYI: if we is you, well then "all options are on the table"
Speaking for myself ONLY...
Another vile tactic: laying words that haven't been said, crying foul and then arguing on own bugaboo. Logical Fallacy? Shadow Boxing? Or throwing dirt as last resort? Anyway, a waste of time!
Baloney. *NM*
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