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Agit-Prop Clip according to J I D F manual for cyber-warriors? Looks like 'blatantly obvious'! Haughty Suprem(eR)acist Attitude?
Yeah, how DARE those Israelis demonstrate in ANY way that they have OTHER things in life they'd PREFER to be doing rather than fighting Neo-Nazi instigated Wars. How dare they? *NM*
Since decades the only people heard incessantly crying for war, seen murdering opponents and threatening the whole world with nuclear options are your beloved adored zi-o-nist chosenites. Get A Life! *NM*
Where and When did so-called Neo-Nazis instigate wars against Yisroel? - FYI: TBS!
Sorry we disagree. I'll find more Agreeable (?) topics since a War in the Middle East is not that important. *NM*
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