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before visiting suspicious agit-prop dis-info websites better be sure to

be sure to

disable java
disable popups
disable cookies
disable javascript

disable HTTP referrer
disable active-X and direct-X

at known propaganda websites:

make no donations
never reveal anything private
don't click on pictures to zoom in or out
in case of, don't save the complete webpage to disk
better store as 'HTML only' or just paste and copy the text lines

use preferably Firefox browser with suitable add-ons

just a few tips to enhance private security and to shield off intrusions

btw d e b k a & m e m r i
are known m o s s a d tools
to 'make war by way of deception'
they will register and try to trace back every visit

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before visiting suspicious agit-prop dis-info websites better be sure to
Good to know!! thanks for the tips!! *NM*
Well, geez, maybe we should disable our computers & throw 'em in the garbage...otherwise we might pick up a bad bug and fly into a ... :D *PIC*
Or worse yet ... :D *PIC*
FYI: if we is you, well then "all options are on the table"
Speaking for myself ONLY...
Another vile tactic: laying words that haven't been said, crying foul and then arguing on own bugaboo. Logical Fallacy? Shadow Boxing? Or throwing dirt as last resort? Anyway, a waste of time!
Baloney. *NM*
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