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Iran May Have Executed Nuclear Staffers Over Stuxnet *PIC*

I think the KEY word in the title of the following article is "may"...have executed -- since those nuclear staffers were Russian and Iran still blames the U.S. & Israel for the Stuxnet Worm...Maybe Iran should carefully consider the CLOSE ties now between Russia and the Vatican who has managed to embed itself in militaries worldwide -- including NATO, the Pentagon, the IDF and South American countries, playing Chess with the Russians, Mah Jong with the Chinese, Backgammon with the Muslims, Risk with the Europeans and Monopoly with the Americans...

Iran May Have Executed Nuclear Staffers Over Stuxnet


Tehran Admits Stuxnet Hit Industrial Computers  


...and at the top of the NWO Pyramid, they do their little Masonic handshakes and send us...

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