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oh my oh my oh my, how things can go awry! *PIC*

1. ADHI (the unspeakable) allegedly once said the Queen of England (Land Of Fallen Angels) to be the most dangerous person in the world, when she was still in her younger years.

2. The resemblance between cuckoo's egg Harry and Diana's sidekick cavalry captain is really striking, yet the tabloid media keeps telling it's mere unbelievable rumor.(stupidity test on the gullibles?)

3. All nobility will be brought down before the public coming of the fake UFO aliens and before the enthronement of the fake Messiah alias Mossiach ben Schneerson ben Matreya of Delusiomaya from the Himalaya Papaya poops.

4. Truth is unbelievable and often surpasses wishful or feared imaginations.

5. Brave RumoUr Lion roaring. Maybe he's David Icke? Who knows? Times are a changin' ... always. Change returns success (sometimes).

6. Queen Lizard's pledge of allegiance obligaTory to ensure further social wealth-care for the lazy royals?

7. -13. (intentionally left free for your possible further add-ons)

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Swiss Banks Foreclosing on the Queen of England? Looks like Bloody Ties (OATHS) Do Bind... :D *PIC*
oh my oh my oh my, how things can go awry! *PIC*
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