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things that go a hovering with messages

Last night,

I went to the little convenient store,

I check my little pull out change carrier in my car

there was no loose change

I only needed change due to going to get my puppie wuppie a plain hand burger at mickie deeees

prior to going to the little convenient store.

I go in the store first and will swing around for the burger  after


I lock my  car door and check to make sure its locked

due to the day prior my door was unlocked to the car as I pondered that I know by habit I hit the auto lock... *its like yawning, it is just natural like I say by programed habit.

puppie wuppie  is in the back seat of my car

I round the corner walking hearing her do a funny sorta bark

but do not look back

I notice a woman with a mexican type look with intense green eyes that I have come across many times,

she is parked at the door of the little store,

she was on her way in as I was

though I went just a few feet into the store to get what I was there for,

she comes in only as I am up to pay,

she orders some sort of casino card like a number thingey, I have never purchased one so I do not know much of them.

immediately I see the numbers

1 21 12 2 11

or something like that

she ask the man at the check out if she needed to sign her full name

I wanted to give her the numbers I saw,

I did not speak to her

she goes out of the store first

as I was at a nother register


I get to my car

parked cati cornered to hers

my door unlocked

and 2 dimes a quarter a nickle and two pennies

are in my change thingey in the car

I take the money and put it wedged into the air conditioner

and the moon roof

though I could only put 2 coins in each

as I quickly add them up

to a #7

I drive home

with a light following me in the sky

I drop the change at my drive

and go out to the street after parking the car in the drive

to wave at the ufo

end of story

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