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From Benjamin Fulford Site - Important Update March 10, 2009 *LINK*

from ben fulford site

Many bankers are being arrested as the battle to take down the banksters reaches its final phase

Reports from reliable sources are saying that senior bankers are being arrested in droves. Some sources also say the bankers are trying to blackmail their way into being protected by threatening to spread a very toxic form of bird flu. They just cannot imagine giving up their dollar printing machine. However, both President Obama and UK Prime Minister Brown have now publicly promised to take on the banksters. The situation is coming to a head.

Once the banksters surrender we can expect very dramatic changes for the better in the world situation.

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From Benjamin Fulford Site - Important Update March 10, 2009 *LINK*
More Info Regarding the Skunk Bankers.....
This Ben Character has truly morphed into a total nut job! Noone takes this guy seriously any more, except people without a clue (easily led sheeple) *NM*
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