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Dear OldmanJr where are you? Hope you're well. We are missing you ;) Also, Frothy, Friend of the Flock, please come back. *PIC*
Bankster Profile: "JP Chase Morgan" LOL! How hidden in plain sight: "Jay Predators Chasing (for) More Gain"? How insane, just had to make made it plain! :D *PIC*
I'd hate to chase that mind of yours around.
my brain pop ups possibly caused by microwave radiation from cellphone towers? Or is it Beneficial Cosmic Spirit? :D
Litios Light Crystrals of the New Age : Tools for Ascension -Full interview *LINK*
Hi Drummy! iManager Menu will only show up when JAVASCRIPT is enabled. Please try to check it at your compi. Meanwhile I'll look up Litios Crystals ;) (thou no intend to ascend any time soon :D )
embedded "Litios Light Crystrals of the New Age"
will say Crystals not CrystRals, but who knows, maybe it's related to the spirit of cryst aka christ and god Ra ? :D (also, I'd better written intenT instead of intenD ) s*it happens LOL *NM*
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