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U.S. government said to be blocking the public from learning about this “miracle molecule” for liver health
German Postal Service return import of commercial samples of herbal extracts from India under false pretenses: "unsuccessful delivery attempt" or "recipient not found"
Two things, the System versus you?
it's not personally against me, many many people are downed the same way
it's a special pure powder mix of 3 herbs, no chemicals and no dubious additives
A good news site...excels at showing human creativity!
Edgar Cayce was right: "The Hope For The World Will Come Out Of Russia"!
Censorship activated? So what! Reposting my share from yesterday "coming back after some hard work to prepare for unavoidable :) hibernation" *PIC*
If you ever have to buy a mattress, don't make the big mistake I made...
Re: Don has your site been hacked, someone slacking off on security, or something else? Maybe you want this forum to die off?
Re: Don has your site been hacked, someone slacking off on security, or something else? Maybe you want this forum to die off?
Apologies for the delay. I missed your's my answer.
interesting to learn that you've also been attacked by reducing the clicks to your "mattress message!" ... what a mess! Maybe it was sorts of online test run by creep state agents or suckaburg robots? *PIC*
Something else...Don did reply twice to my, “Are you hacked?” message. But there was no text in either message that I could see. There were view counts and no one mentioned not seeing text.
Hello, I see we are 8 hours apart. Yes, I've realized it also. And then, yesterday, when I had reposted the deleted article, my keyboard and mouse were blocked. I had to shut down and restart K-Meleon
Learning always has an expense...
If cancer is a reality or a possibility to you or yours, your best outcome will be due to you being informed. Without a doubt, the best deal I've ever seen!
something to consider as well *PIC*
How did I create the link "From an Open Internet, Back to the Dark Ages" ? *PIC*
Thanks for the heads up but...
thanks for frankly arguing, looks conclusive, thou, there's the coin's other side, TNT is still open free space 4 everyone but difficult to misuse by h-tech trolls, copycats or pop-up artists *PIC*
Jack, I had the thought that if the gov't and insiders screw up the way the Internet works, then it will create opportunities for alternatives that may be better than what we presently experience.
More than a Million Pro-Repeal Net Neutrality Comments were Likely Faked.
Re: I did buy what is called, “The Lemurian Plug”! *LINK*
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