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Re: I did buy what is called, “The Lemurian Plug”! *LINK*
How Finland became excellent in educating children. How about one thing being, NO HOMEWORK!
A new, easy-to-exploit email trick could allow an attacker to turn a seemingly benign email into a malicious one after it has already been delivered to your email inbox.
We inherit DNA from our ancestors. Given any thought to the idea we inherit "instructions" for non genetic traits of fear, joy from our ancestors lifetimes?
Russia the dragon slayer. Guess who's the dragon? Saying: Russians saddle their horses thorougly but then ride very quickly. Preppers be aware. *PIC*
Singer, songwriter, composer, violinist Franziska Wiese from Berlin, Germany. *PIC*
Google is choosing to become the Arbitrator of “Truth”. However, it is beneficial to recall Rupert Sheldrake’s take on mainstream science.
Looks like YouTube is doing the same kind of thing...
Youtube has been bought by Google and been shaped according to their selfish money making and self-aggrandizing rules, no surprise then *NM*
big thanks for mentioning the 10 mainstream science dogmas by Rupert Sheldrake ;) *NM*
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