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Are doctors obsolete? “Deep learning” AI system trounced doctors in predicting heart failure in patients, boasting 97 percent accuracy
How many suns/stars are there in the universe?
The oceans are filling up with plastic objects that are a danger to sea life. Here is how one company is going to clean things up. *LINK*
More evidence of corruption in scientific medical research. Buyer beware! It is complicated for the consumer. Completely trust your doctor? Does he/she know what is valid or not?
Re: From Judge Anna von Reitz, Big Lake Alaska. The Long Form Birth Certificate Question - Who are you?
Legal scams did ask a really good question. "Who are you?" If we could come to grips with that question, end of life might be more comfortable. *NM*
Строительство домов *LINK*
New antibiotic found in tobacco flowers tears into superbugs. News on other promising sources...
QAnon Identity Stolen? A Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot...brings to mind the phrase...when you talk, you know not what your say! But others do!
'Explosive increase' in Ebola cases is feared as outbreak in Congo spreads to a CITY of 1 million and UN...refuses to tell you how to cope!
As an Ebola Outbreak Threatens to Spread Even Wider, A New Vaccine Gives Hope. Ever wonder how quickly a vaccine can be created once an outbreak occurs!
Matthew has a new post for May 2018
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