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Litios Light Crystrals of the New Age : Tools for Ascension -Full interview *LINK*
Hi Drummy! iManager Menu will only show up when JAVASCRIPT is enabled. Please try to check it at your compi. Meanwhile I'll look up Litios Crystals ;) (thou no intend to ascend any time soon :D )
embedded "Litios Light Crystrals of the New Age"
will say Crystals not CrystRals, but who knows, maybe it's related to the spirit of cryst aka christ and god Ra ? :D (also, I'd better written intenT instead of intenD ) s*it happens LOL *NM*
Google Facebook Are Al Gore Rythms? Orwellian Cen Sore Ship? Or Well or Or Evil? WHO would do that? :D *PIC*
Dr. Ilya Perlingieri. All her home and garden was burnt down "by wildfire", she said there was an attack on her life weeks before she passed 6th October 2013. *PIC*
direct access to TNT blocked again, embedded video not running, well, that says it all, the Elite-of-Swine-and-Decline hate the Truth and Trusted News Trading :O *PIC*
access to TNT now free but what do I see :D "The Truth Seeker: Access Denied" *PIC*
Donald T. fool a tool to foster self-chosen cha-BAD lyuba-WITCH interest for world conquest? Dyed blonde blue-eyed symbol for "WHITE g-oy-im trash", a scapegoat, KaRED JUShner at his throat? *PIC*
Hey, Alex aka Bill Hicks, maybe you should have kicked out your Jeze-BAAL HadASSa spouse earlier and dared to take off your shadow glasses :D *PIC*
I'd hate to chase that mind of yours around.
my brain pop ups possibly caused by microwave radiation from cellphone towers? Or is it Beneficial Cosmic Spirit? :D
old time saying: if you want to beat the oppostion then start to lead the opposition. So, looking around, sorting out, sifting thru the media trash, what's there to be seen? *PIC*
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