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Profesional stalker team really?
if you're interested, I suggest you allow me to watch this YouTube clip from my point of access, maybe I'll see something, therefore ...
Turns out Monsanto may have been aware of the link between glyphosate and cancer for up 35 years. Should that be a surprise?
Sure, they knew it! Glyphosate aka Round-Up was used as part of chemical weapons to destroy forests and poison the Vietcong Rebels hiding under ground.
the lies and cheats are so big that average people have a mental blockade to grasp what's really inflicted upon them *NM*
Came across this item after watching the Highway to Hell TV show. If one persists in using all season tires in the winter, this might make sense to you.
Scientists: Earth’s Magnetic Fields Carry Biologically Relevant Information That ‘connects All Living Systems’
even worse: man-made electric emissions produce and induce magnetic fields that upset and disturb nature's grid of life-sustaining bio-logic communications
Benjamin Fulford’s latest update… “We must stop fighting and starting saving the planet.”
How chilling! Now they pull Jill Stein aka Stone to lift on the throne. Together with Ajamu Baraka. US going green? They just can't do without barack and barracks. LOL! *PIC*
I'll suggest to donate 13 shekels for her fund raiser campaign. Are you with me? :D
Red Green Trouble Double aka Jillary Clinstone Duet aka Jillary Recount Sisters: Filth Of A Feather Flock Together? :O :D *PIC*
Please help, Satan! Me lying cheating filth sold my heart to you, see my left hand sign, me got Kool-Nidre in advance, me swear for money, me adore golden calf, pleeeze 666 beast me up 4 hellary' sake *PIC*
Okay okay I'll stay away from the term Satan and Satanism because it's also related to twisted lies of the special guys. Simply name it DEVIL and DEVIL WORSHIP aka De Evil or EVE ILL WHOREship. :D *PIC*
to be expanded, a lot of related ideas swirling, questions arising, mitochondria activity, orgone vs dor energy, brain waves ... much more than I can say :D *PIC*
What do you feel and think when such a Leading Lady stares at you with smirky smile and Chemo-Is-Good-For-You attitude? Fear? Pity? Repulsion? *NM* *PIC*
the true face of Miriam Pielhau, her main detox organ, the liver, destroyed by chemo crap, she paid dearly for chanting with the pharma mafia, as well paid pied piper for self-destruction *NM* *PIC*
This may hold part of the answer...
Perhaps a bit out of context "how come that blind people can see with their inner eye " - Blinded folded reality *LINK*
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