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Science has documented the benefits of medical marijuana. We have receptors on our cells that are looking for what medical marijuana offers. There is a series that is live now for learning more. *LINK*
"New York City is home to more than 23,250 public street litter baskets". Here is the story of creating a new trash bin. Most people may not appreciate the thought that went into the project. *LINK*
Brain games apparently don't work. What will keep your brain sharp? Apparently learning to play a musical instrument. *LINK*
Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D. has a differnet take on organ donations.
The New York Times does an excellent article on the Notre-Dame cathedral fire. The details are absorbing, as are the images. Just excellent! *LINK*
Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby’s (The Official Alternative Doctor) post about Vitamin C clarifies some misconceptions.
Matthew's post for July 2019 has been released. *NM* *LINK*
Jon Rappoport’s blog is back! It was removed by The WordPress establishment who did not give a specific reason for taking the blog down two months ago. *LINK*
Why You Don’t Need To Sacrifice Anything To Be Successful. I think this is a good article, maybe you will too? *LINK*
"How Google Legally Profits From Massive Fraud on Its Platform (and What You Can Do About It)"...another example of buyer beware. *LINK*
The secret lives of our cells. Please check the link for the interactive 3D images of how a cell changes. Freaking awesome! *LINK*
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