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There is much, much more to gold than it being a precious metal and having a dollar value. Take a look at the June 2018 issue of Science to Sage magazine. Consider this brain food.
Re: Allan Spreen, M.D. Cancer Survival Guide on 25 cures for cancer that has been hidden from us.
Blowing bubbles in the blood could kill cancer with both barrels. My first thought was...air embolism? Apparently not. Details within.
Free transcript of Dr. Marc Micozzi's Heart Attack Prevention & Repair Protocol. Based on research. What he says may be different from what the usual family doc says. Good info. Link provided.
Re: "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars HOAX" - WWIII in progress - "Quiet War" - being conducted using subjective biological warfare, fought with "silent weapons" ??? ...
Facebook knows more about you than your significant others..and if not them, pick any social app! It's said if we want to know the future, read Scfi
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