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Illuminati Sacrifice In Denver Tonight 21st June 2017 Summer Solstice
"desperate houswives" - severe signs of advanced cellphone addiction LOL :D *PIC*
Extremely (?) :O Intelligent People Possess These 11 Traits. Are You One Of Them? :D
Hundreds of millions of computers have been infected with Ransomware. If infected you pay to allegedly get back your data. If your pacemaker gets hacked, is the manufacturer liable?
see similarity: hundreds of million of people are shaken down by IRS, if they don't pay they get cornered or imprisoned *NM*
see similarity: hundreds of million of people are intimidated with staged terror attacks to give up their human rights and their privacy *NM*
For some people, “Tiny Homes” are a means to affordable housing and simplifying life. Have you seen something more creative that what is in the link?
Richard Gordon, the founder of Quantum Touch has written a new book, The Secret Nature of Matter.
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