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Heard of the Pope’s Audience Hall? Take a look! Enlarge the images on your monitor and see if you can find anything that resembles holiness. The creepiest pics I have come across in a long time.
Yes, of course, my dear friend. I had posted about it and uploaded a photo of this, maybe one year ago :D *PIC*
Indian Sculpture Shows Shapeshifting Reptilians & Ancient Astronauts
Jack, I missed seeing your original post. Am reminded of a website motto...”everything I know is wrong!” Good to be retired and learning.
never mind, we have a saying: "important things can't be repeated often enough", so let's keep digging to the roots ;) *PIC*
As to how guffment(al ill) say, it means:"Full On Censorship Heading Our Way". is back! :D *NM*
sounds like being at the Atlantic coast, the Bay of Biscay, when huge waves are rolling onto the beach and then flow back into the deep sea, mother nature's heart beat of life *PIC*
Los Lonely Boys - Heaven (great song) *LINK*
Hi Don! :D they sing "locked up way too long in this crazy world" ... well, I can concur, partly, but still love to stay here, for a while ;)
Enya! Irish people (celtic) have roots in Southern Russia, Caucasus and Middle East. This may explain similar emotional life, strong bonds to nature and barb-aryan mood. - Thanks God, Enya :) *PIC*
Re: My Little Hedgehog Baby *LINK*
Hi Clive! Big thanks for chiming in and linking to :) What a pleasure! Methinks we are on the same wavelength, sincerely, I'm deeply touched by your creativity and love for nature. *PIC*
Paying homage to brave Yaroslava Degtyareva, 9 years young: Her performance in Rostov, 23. Oct 2017 *PIC*
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