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Why the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons is strongly opposed to mandatory vaccines *LINK*
This article caught my eye. "Why are we hemorrhaging emergency nurses?" (Posted March 20, 2019). Interesting read. *LINK*
APPLE promoted an app this week...APPLE NEWS...allegedly giving viewers "Trusted News". I think it is a search engine with a graphic interface instead of URLs with just text.
Ecuador legalized gangs. Murder rates plummeted. *LINK*
A reality check on life initiated by this reddit post... *NM* *LINK*
What might happen to you if you listen to only just one song for three weeks? *LINK*
The Environmental Working Goup's Tap Water Database for drinking water...quality analysis of 30 million US state water records. Much more to this site than water analysis. *LINK*
The first-of-its-kind study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated American homeschooled children shows who is really ailing…and parents should be worried. *LINK*
5G wireless future article worth reading. *LINK*
A Detroit Church is Paying Homeless People $10/hr to Clean Up the City *NM* *LINK*
ADMIN! BBS Radio now streaming live on iHeart Radio 24/7 *LINK* *PIC*
Posting to further our education on the Telecom industry and government...Note the date! January 26, 2010 Warning Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health. *LINK*
Cell Membrane Function and Structure...this site is an excellent supplement to my Previous post on Dr. Jerry Tennat's "Healing is Voltage" theory. *LINK*
The diarrhea problem is due to our bowel lining being only one cell thick. If 5G destroys cell membrane integrity guess what happens... *NM*
NBC’s Today Show Spreads Misinformation and Attacks Vaccine Safety Advocates...who deserve the opportunity to have their rebuttal posted.
The National Order of Biologists is supporting analyzing the contents of vaccines. This is the finding on Infanrix Hexa vaccine. It’s a six-in-one vaccine that’s manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. *LINK*
Some volcano pictures showing an abundance of lightning, very scary! *LINK*
An excellent video/explanation from Dr. Jerry Tennant on his “healing with voltage” philosophy. *LINK*
The 15 Year Oil Spill That No One Is Talking About Could Be The Biggest Environmental Scandal In US History *LINK*
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