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Graham Hancock explores the earth's very ancient history with David Wilcock for half an hour.
Know anyone who has had their assets recently frozen by the U.S. Treasury Department? (based on Trump’s December 21 executive 1,108 pages long)
Nuremberg War Tribunal was Piffling Fake Justice. The real war criminals were either protected, left out or put in court positions for "bankster courtship".
'Imminent Danger' in Illinois, 'Physician of the Year' in Missouri. Four states, four different approaches to licensing one doc. How far does one have to go to "check out" their doctor?
time to relax, to get and give - hopefully good - inspirations in Paradise :D *PIC*
75% of America’s drinking water is ridden with cancer-causing hexavalent chromium, or chromium-6. And 200 million Americans are currently being exposed to it.
Rod Class's Law Firm Wins At The Supreme Court *LINK*
Maybe things will get worse in Sweden than in Germany? What are they thinking?
Telling from all what I've heard and seen social circumstances in Barbra-Spectre-Bonnier-Clan testing ground of Sweden: it's much worse there *PIC*
Research Confirms We Inherit Non-Genetic Traits (Fear, Joy) from our Ancestors Accumulated Throughout Their Lifetimes
Hello! I started to test offline blog editors. For many reasons it's better and safer than online editors. Also, before I suggest anything here I will first test the best on a local website.
If the “editor” will input a functioning URL in this forum...that would be nice. home page is full of functioning URLs!! *NM*
We have several to do this year including.......
Don, if as you say you are choosing to grow your site, then the censorship YouTube is deploying can be a great opportunity for you. YT is slowly self destructing imo.
I'm never really gone, only dormant........ Gosh what a damn crazy year! I love it!! I see more critical thinkers now than ever before.....
What Percentage Of Mass Shootings Happen In 'Gun Free Zones'? The Number Is Stunning.
World famous psychiatrist says: more psychiatric drug treatment means more mass shootings will happen
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