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DNC Russian Hackers Found! You Won’t Believe Who They Really Work For…Well maybe you might! Reminds me of the saying, "You only see in others what is already in you!"
I never relied on McAfee and never trusted ZoneAlarm since it was taken over by Israel based Check Point SoftTech Ltd.
Peter Lindemann has announced his retirement from the field of Free Energy. You likely never heard of him but his farewell post is worth reading. Give it a try?
So much wisdom! Thanks a lot! - I hope and wish Natural Philospher Peter will enjoy the coming years and not be taken out by 'sudden unexpected(?) death' or 'suicide'. *PIC*
Rihanna going retro, apart from her foul language-as-usual? :O Must be (some real) love in the (her?) brain :D
compared to this one, Tanja Lesch, Germany March 2016 (no offensive stupid lyrics)
Tanja LAsch, sorry *NM*
But also making devil hand-sign, black & white lucy dressing and so on. They seem to own everybody in the big music business, sigh :( so disgusting; satan peg out! *NM*
For whatever you get out of it, “Matthew” has a new post…
makes sense, worthwhile reading ;) *NM*
Knowing the real meaning of whatever Obama says is exactly the opposite of what you hear, here is a take on the Federalizing of US elections.
That's why this ass-key-naZi aperican crossbred homo from babble-on House Of Molech was al-lowed to become preZident for 8 years. NWO Mickey Mouse BHO cannaboid chicago gangsta :D *PIC*
for you and you and especially you :D Robert Morse: The Detox Miracle Sourcebook. PDF 662 pages ;) (in case of need and without re-morse :D ) *PIC*
Happened in the past and will happen again. A super volcano blowing up will initiate a series of disasters we won’t survive. A historical perspective!
It should be no surprise US media lies to the public. It is legal to do so! Expecting the truth doesn’t make sense. Check the link…
well well now we see the true sense of the term 'league-a-lies' ho ho ho, dizz izz why I love Ingleeze lengwitch dad much :D
Help !! The BING Monster has taken over? Get me out of here!
In Firefox go to Tools, then Options, choose Search and another search engine like Duckduckgo? Works for me! :-)
it was some extention Add-On thingy a mabob, on Firefox that just happened to sneaK UP ON ME. Once I removed that everything went back to normal. Wheh! *NM*
May also try "" ? ;)
dear drummy, which (per)version of gates & bills o-pe-rating weendoze do you have inside your compi for unwillingly serving (npi) the glowball WWW aka 666 spider web ? ;) 8 or 10 :(
DIABOLIC - THE TRUTH PART 2 .... LYRICS plus The Conspiracy of Language by Zen Gardner *PIC*
still trying to find DIABOLIC - THE TRUTH PART 1 *NM*
900 million people use Facebook's Messenger every month and Facebook can listen to all their calls without their permission.
Medical marijuana, if smoked, might not be a good for you as you think. This may be old news to some of you. Then again...
Strange. Marijuana belongs to hemp plant family. Hemp is one of the most resistant, robust, undemanding pants. Why would they need pesticides for growing? Or is it pushed GMO crap? *NM*
... eerrr, I mean PLANTS of course, not pants :D *NM*
Re: ... eerrr, I mean PLANTS of course, not pants :D
Rolls eyes....?Re: ... eerrr, I mean PLANTS of course, not pants :D *NM*
You read Gee eL Pee (edmonton based) do you? :D Just wait and see I will find the gifs you mention :D
Good question. Perhaps the growers are amateurs! Or maybe they aren't aligned with the best interests of their customers? *NM*
Happy New Year!! *NM*
... n nn nnnn nooooooo ? ? ? :O
I have an add-on in mind, whatever it may mean: "Can't peel my pace!" LOL! :D
Happy New Year. Good Health and Balanced Mood ;) *PIC*
Happy New Year to you as well!
Thanks! - I'm a prepper, I analyze the past, I utilize the presence and I anticipate what's to come sooner or later. True Nature will prevail, anything else will fail! ;)
Happy New Year to you too, Drum! *NM*
Happy New Year, Jack!!!!!!! *NM*
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