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Follow-up hurricane named IRMA?! Said to be worse than HARVEY?! IRMA anagram I RAM ... the US East Coast. Possible RAMIfications? HAR HAR anybody?
Hurry hurry Cain? IRMA is latin name for Goddess of War? Heading to Florida now at 140 mph? 1373 wildfires in SoCal, NoCal, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana. MSM Main Swamp Muckers report nothing? *PIC*
Assume there is a weather war occurring. IRMA, do they do Houston again, send it to New Orleans, or Florida? Car and infrastructure business will be booming! Is this distraction? *NM*
USeful hurricane gematria? Inside the name HARVEY is the brand VERY HEAVY. How come? By whom and why was name HARVEY chosen when still at degree one? *PIC*
add-on: HARVEY attribute VERY HEAVY consists of one time letters H A R and two times letters V E Y. What can I say? And 6 plus 9 equals 15 reduced to 1 plus 5 .. IS 6 :O *NM*
HEAVY downpours from HEAVEN above. Recall JFK shot in Texas, space shuttle Columbia fallen apart over Palestine/Texas? Heavenly hand signs or what? *NM*
searched for meanings of name HARVEY, it becomes VERY WEIRD *PIC*
knows-all knows-better Jim Stone tells us in turn out of his Mexican retreat: "oh no, nothing to conspire here, move on, it's all natural, don't forget, NASA's really been on the moon, trust NASA!" *NM* *PIC*
here we go again: HARVEY subliminal in plain sight HAARP WAY? Remember Luciferian/Illuminati/Satanic/Devil incrowds' foremost rule: ALL EVIL ACTIONS HAVE TO BE DECLARED IN ADVANCE!
Since Dec 2003 Matthew's mom has been posting messages from Matthew. There is a new post for August 26th 2017.!
Re: I did buy what is called, “The Lemurian Plug”! *LINK*
How Finland became excellent in educating children. How about one thing being, NO HOMEWORK!
A new, easy-to-exploit email trick could allow an attacker to turn a seemingly benign email into a malicious one after it has already been delivered to your email inbox.
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